What kind of water we should drink?
What temperature should it be?

The answer is healthy, bacterial and chemistry clean water. Temperature of it should be between 8-12°C. Above 12°C it’s not attractive for drinking and the quantity of consumed water will be smaller. But in the same time, water below 8°C, especially if the body is warm, will cause withdrawal of blood from periphery of organs. With this, we can cause sweating to stop and suffer serious consequences. In this case, you should drink water with temperature like body temperature. That’s the secret of the desert people! That’s why they are drinking teas with nearly same temperature as their bodies.

Should we eat and drink water in the same time?

Very often we hear the questioner dilemma should we drink water before eating, with the meal or after? Recommendation from scientists is that we should drink 30 minutes before eating or 1 hour after. If we drink water with the meal parallel with soft drink, soup or similar, we will diluted stomach juices. The digestion will be slower and HCL will be disarmed in war against bacteria. Also is good to drink glass of water when we wake up in the morning and before sleeping in the evening. It helps kidneys to do their job better, to wash up.