How we should drink water? When we should drink? How much we should drink? What water temperature should be? All the answers are below!

Beside the proteins, water is prime substance for body building. Although water has no nutritional or energy value likes proteins, fats or carbohydrates, however without it the life is impossible!

Where water can be found in our body?

The water is in our blood, lymph, digestive system, muscles, organs… every cell of our body. All nutrients, minerals, vitamins and enzymes with the water make substances for decomposition and synthesis of all materials in our organism. Water is transporter od nutrients and cleaner of toxins from our tissues.

How long humans can live without water?

Constant balance of water must be provided, because otherwise we can have really bad consequences on our health. Prove of this statement is the fact that without water humans can live only 3-5 days.  If man loses 10% of his water, his organism will have severe disorders. The percentage of water in our body is 60-75% depending of age. In younger children, percentage is higher.

What is recommended quantity of water consume per day?

Very often we hear information about recommended quantities for daily consuming of water. The real answer is that quantities are depending of clime, of activities like work, exercise, living environment, consuming of salt, etc. The normal lose is 2-3 liters sweat per day and must be compensated.

The scientists found that 35 ml water per kg of body weight is optimal quantity. That means a man with 70 kg weight should drink 2.45 l of water.