We always ask our self what is good to eat? Is some food products bad for us or for our health? Will I make it right if I eat more of “this” and “less” of that? The experts say that there are no bad food products, just bad quantities and bad combinations ! 

To reach and keep the good shape you must forget some food products ?

FALSE: it is scientific proofed that it’s not healthy to make a restriction for some kind of foods or nutrition. Some diets, even popular ones, restrict carbohydrates or fats. The secret is in calories! If you increase the quantities of calories you will gain kilograms, if you reduce the quantities of calories you will lose kilograms. Simple as that ! 

Less fat in your meals – faster losing weight ?

FALSE: the fats are important for your body. You can’t delete them from your food menu. It is important to eat food with less calories no matter it’s carbohydrates or fats.  

Oils produced in process of hydrogenation are dangerous ?

TRUTH: if in process of productions of oils is used method of hydrogenation, there is a possibility that in these oils have non-healthy fats which are rising the level of LDL- fats in your blood. Try to read the lebel of oil product’s packing of content and look if there is note for production method of hydrogenation. If this kind of oil is used in cakes, in process frying, salads, ets it will make these foods not so healthy.  

Margarine is better than butter ?

FALSE: margarine most of the times are result of a process of hydrogenation and, in according with the previous truth or false question, they are not healthy. The butter on the other hand is much healthier if you use it in a normal quantities.