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Healthy Carrot Soup Full of Vitamins

Carrot soup full of vitamins and tasty in the same time is easy solution for winter days. If you want to make something light, easy digestive and delicious in the same time and you wan soups, this recipe is for you.This soup is packed with antioxidants and superfood goodness that will nourish your body from the inside out. The quick cooking time allows for maximum nutrition and flavour so enjoy and be nourished. Ingredients: 4 big carrots 1 big potato 1 small onion 2 ...
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Ready to Have Your Mind Blown? Meet Blender Lemonade

When life gives you lemons (come on, we had to)…you make blender lemonade. But here’s the genius part: You need only one lemon, not 12, to mix your drink. Dump the whole fruit--including the rind--into a blender, and minutes later you’re sipping pretty. Minimal cleanup required. Wait, what? Here, a step-by-step look at how it’s done. THE INGREDIENTS Like we said, you need only one lemon. Then take 2 cups of water, a handful of ice cubes and a few tablespoons of brown sugar for sweetness. THE INSTRUCTIONS Wash ...
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The Ultimate Mediterranean Cheese and Tomato Sandwich Recipe

Mediterranean food is well-known as one of the healthiest food in the world. Except fish and other see food, you can try something different like this recipe which transforms a humble cheese and tomato sandwich into something spectacular! The inspiration is Mediterranean healthy food ideas like this Côte d’Azur sandwich. It is a little French paradise in which you can enjoy the quiet peace of the early hours of the day only interrupted when you take a big bite of this crunchy ...
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Prepare for 5 Minutes, Consume for 5 Days, and You Will Lose 6 Pounds !!!

Prepare a juice for 5 minutes and drink it for 5 days, you will lose incredible 6 pounds! Weight can be described as excessive fat storage in the body. Fat deposits can seriously threat to certain organs in the body: the heart, liver, kidneys and health in general. The weight is hard to joints, knees and hips, they are suffering as well. Persons suffering from overweight usually have higher risks of getting diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, disorders of bile ...
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Our suggestion for meal during holidays, sandwich with proteins for breakfast or easy lunch! All you need is a good quality bread to make the taste perfect. With a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice, this is a perfect start of a day. Ingredients: A thick slice baguette 1 garlic clove 1 ripe tomato Good – quality sardines Rocket Preparation: Toast thick a slide of baguette. Cat a garlic glove in half and rub the cut slide over the surface. Halve the tomato and squeeze and rub the ...
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Beetroot Coconut Soup – I Got the Power !!!!

Beet root is one of the healthiest foods on Earth and it’s very beneficial for us. In the past, people made mistake by leaving the roots for animal feeding. In our days that mistake is correct and beet root have its place in everyday use in salads, juices or other meals.The researchers shown that sportsman can achieve 20% more when they drink 0,5l beet juice before race. It contains high levels of nitrate that is converted by bacteria on the ...
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Homemade Roll Buns – Simply and Tasty (MADE BY ME)

Only the picture of them will provoke you to try to make them. The smell of baked buns will occupy all house and gather your family over the table. They are not so difficult to make and with use of some tricks it really easy. I will discover my secrets and hope you will appreciate that. You will need about 2 hours from start to finish, so they are suitable for weekends. I will give you the original recipe and ...
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Chocolate muffins with hot chocolate custard

Muffins can be made of a thousand and one way, but always check option with chocolate custard. So here's a quick and simple recipe for the Chocolate muffins with hot chocolate custard.The only minus is that you can eat it in one minute. Ingredients: 50 gr golden caster sugar 1 tbsp cocoa powder 100 ml skimmed milk 100 gr self-raising flour 1 egg 2 tbsp sunflower oil, plus extra for greasing ½ tbsp bicarbonate of soda For the hot chocolate custard: 25 gr dark chocolate, chopped 2x150 gr pots low fat ...
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Refreshing Drink with Cucumber and Watermelon – You must try it

Every bite of watermelon it’s like sip of fresh drink. Here is one interesting combination of watermelon juice with cucumber, perfect for summer time. For tastier experience add lime juice and vodka. Ingredients: • 750 gr watermelon, cut in pieces and seeds free • 1 big cucumber, peeled and cut in pieces • ¼ cup of lime juice • 2 tbsp honey • 2/3 cup of vodka Preparation: • Put the watermelon pieces in a blender. After blending, push the watermelon true strainer to get pure juice • Do ...
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Figs and Wine – Perfect Combination

Figs are one of the most delicious fruits in any version, fresh, dry, as deserts, etc. For this recipe you will need fresh figs and good quality wine. If you use cheap wine, the dessert will not be so taste. Also you will need brown sugar and it should be the finest quality (if you use some kind of replacement, it will do more damage). The smell that will spread in your home is irresistible. Ingredients: 10 fresh figs 100 gr brown sugar 3 ...
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Champagne Grapefruit Mojito

The summer is on our door! In summer and on the hot sun, one of the best refreshing drinks to kill the thirst is popular Mojito. But here is the secret, use more healthier ingredients, although on the first side you will think that this ingredients are unusual and specific. You will have health benefits from agave nectar and vitamins A, C and E in the grapefruit and lime. Ingredients 1 tablespoon agave nectar 12 mint leaves juice of one lime, about 2 tablespoons 3 ...
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Chicken and Asparagus Carbonara

This healthy chicken carbonara dish is not only absolutely delicious, it's also lower in fat and calories than traditional pasta carbonara. The trick is in low fat meat, low-fat milk and egg substitute from one side and use of a lot of vegetables on the other side. This way we can accomplish the goal for low fat dish and healthy and delicious in the same time. Ingredients 8 ounces uncooked spaghetti 2 cups (1-inch) slices asparagus 2 cups chopped skinless, boneless rotisserie chicken breast meat 3 tablespoons finely chopped fresh flat-leaf ...
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Chinese Rolls – Spring in a Dish

The main specific about Chinese cuisine is a crispy vegetable. That can be achieved with specific kind of cooking: frieze for a short time with very hot oil in a wok pan. The vegetables keep vitamins as much as possible, so the dish is healthier. Ingredients: 20 pieces of thin crusts 400 gr mixed minced meat 700 gr thinly sliced cabbage strips 400 gr thinly sliced carrot strips 300 gr broccoli (cut in pieces and strips) 2-3 pieces of spring onion (cut in pieces) 300 gr mushrooms Salt, oil ...
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Orange Chicken Fingers

Way not make chicken fingers as snack? As a healthy food consumer, we avoid to eat chicken finger, but there is a solution! Do not punish your selves and try this organic and healthy chicken fingers just by adjusting the classic recipe with organic and healthy ingredients. Follow this: Ingredients For the chicken fingers: Cooking spray 1 tablespoon sesame seeds 4 cups (3 1/2 ounces) crispy rice cereal 1/2 teaspoon grated orange zest Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper 2 egg whites 1 tablespoon low-sodium teriyaki sauce 1 1/2 ...
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You can surprise your love once with this amazing homemade waffles. If you just sacrifice half hour of your morning sleep, you will made this waffles on everyone's pleasure and start the spring weekend. The incredible smell will wake up you    dearest. Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour 1/2 cup soy flour 1 1/2 tablespoons ground cinnamon 2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder 1/2 teaspoon sea salt 2 cups 1% low-fat milk 1/4 cup vegetable oil 2 large egg yolks 2 large egg whites Dash of sugar Cooking spray 1 1/2 cups maple syrup Whole ...
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Lemon-Garlic Shrimp and Grits

Sea food, no matter how you prepare it, is one of the healthiest in the World. Here is a quick but supremely tasty version of shrimp and grits that is perked up with lemon juice, garlic and  addition of Parmesan cheese to the grits for a delectable savory flavor. Ingredients: 1/4 pound uncooked medium shrimp(peeled and deveined) ¾ cup instant grits 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese Two large cloves garlic, minced Three tsp unsalted butter Kosher salt and freshly ground black paper Juice of 1/2 lemon, plus wedges for ...
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Blueberries pancakes with maple syrup

You can use maple syrup many ways, even with nothing else, just 1 table spoon of it with water, but most traditional way of eating it is with pancakes. Here is one healthy recipe for blueberries pancakes with maple syrup. Ingredients: 2 cups of flour (300 gr. self-raising) 2 cups of milk (500ml) 2 eggs 40 gr. butter ½ cup od blueberries pinch of salt 4 tsp. maple syrup Preparation: In a big bowl put the flour, salt, eggs and milk and mix until compact. Stir in the butter, cover with ...
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Delicious Tuna Dish

Fish is one of the healthiest meat, so use it whenever you can. But, there is a catch! Use only fresh fish and avoid all can types or dry and over salt. To prepare this recipe is easy but when you put meat on the grill be careful not to overcook, because tuna can quickly become quite dry. Ingredients: 4 pieces of tuna steaks 2 tbsp light soy sauce 1 tbsp rice wine (or other wine) 1 tbsp minced fresh ginger root 1 clove garlic, minced 1 ...
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