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Beautiful Pasta “Siciliana“

This is very delicious and tasty recipe for pasta with eggplant. You will be surprise how easy is to make it and how light as a meal is it. This is one variant of this recipe, which is traditional and very often made in Italy, but also all over the World.   Ingredients: 1 big eggplant 1 onion 2 cloves of garlic 5 “Roma” tomatoes 2 tbsp of chopped dry tomatoes ¼ tsp sugar salt and pepper 1 tsp basil 2 tbsp olive oil 3 tbsp graded parmigiano 500 gr. pasta macaroni   Preparation: In a ...
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ORIGINAL ITALIAN Spaghetti all’Amatriciana

You got to try this wonderful original Italian recipe! It was recommended by my close friends Natasha and Antonio who live in Lazio. It’s symbol of Italian culinary tradition. Its origin is Amatrice, small city in Lazio, the city of spaghetti. The following recipe is real treasure, so pay attention my friends. Ingredients: 400 gr spaghetti 350 gr tomato sauce 100 gr. bacon, sliced on small squares 50 ml white wine 50 gr. grated sheep cheese 1 tbsp olive oil 1 chili pepper, chopped Pepper Preparation:  Put the bacon in a pan ...
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