The same-sex love spell –Signs that your partner is unhappy with your sex life

Sometimes your family life is so bad that the only option left seems to be a spell to attract the same sex offered by a professional magic practitioner. To find out what happens when people do that and under which circumstances it is reasonable to let magic into your life, visit As for us, we want to tell you about the signs indicating that your partner is unhappy with your love life.

Most people think it is pretty obvious as the man or the woman simply loses interest in sex. But it is more complex than that. You forget about such things as respect for the partner, love, desire to be around, and the fear to hurt the feelings of the person you care for. These can be the reasons why people, regardless of the gender, have sex with the partner even if they do not really like it.

Of course, to find out the truth, you can ask your partner directly. However, the answer will not necessarily be honest. Victims of social phobias, men and women are often unwilling to admit they do not like something because people do not like to admit they have some sex life problems. Besides, let us remind you another factor mentioned above – trying not to hurt the feelings of the person you care for. So expecting to get an honest answer, in most cases you will hear something like, “Everything’s great, babe!” or “It’s fine, darling.” So let us try to identify the problems, if any, by ourselves.

The first warning sign you should always pay attention to is when your partner stops being the first to offer sex and you are always the only one offering. When you do not, your partner acts as if sex is not even a part of your life. It means your partner indeed no longer enjoys sex and would rather do something else instead, such as take a nap or read a book.

Another sign is when your partner is no longer as affectionate in the bedroom as he or she used to be. Remember the last time your partner gave you a hug for no reason, kissed you or patted you on the hair. The more time it has been, the bigger issues you are having.

The third sign is when your partner does not want to be playful in bed. People who have been together for a long time need it. It is difficult to say what is common for you sex-wise and what is not, but it is okay to slap on the butt of your partner as you walk by or suddenly start taking off your clothes just to tease your partner. If it does not happen, you should think why or your relationship may start falling apart. The most common solutions are talking to a family counselor, a same-sex love spell, reading specialized literature, etc.

The fourth warning sign is when your sex is always the same. It is like you follow the same approved procedure every time you have sex. Or, even if you have sex in different places and try different positions, you are still the one to offer it, while your partner only agrees or disagrees to do it.

Note that the word “partner” means both, a man and a woman. We are using this word to not make this article more complicated than it has to be. Men and women tend to exhibit the same signs of sexual dissatisfaction, so there is no point in separating men from women. Now let us continue.

The fifth sign is when your partner does not want to experiment in bed or agrees to try new things but only when they are offered by you, while your partner never offers anything.

The sixth sign has to do with how long the foreplay is. If it is short, it does not mean your partner is very passionate. On the contrary, it is a bad sign. Also, pay attention to what happens right after sex. If your partner forgets about you as soon as you are done, turns away and falls asleep, some problems are sure to be there.

Another sign which can be a good reason to buy a love spell same-sex is when your boyfriend/husband likes watching porn or your girlfriend/wife likes movies featuring some popular actors known for their good looks. People who are happy with their sex life do not dream of sexy partners who can give them more sexual satisfaction. In fact, it is the same thing when men and women do that, even though they are interested in different kinds of visual stimulation. They want to be happy and sexually satisfied. The only difference is that men are more into rough and vulgar stuff, while women are more sensual and romantic creatures.

The eighth warning sign is as follows. Look at your partner and say honestly how to fit your partner is and if he or she is well-groomed. If your partner has never looked worse than they are now, it means they do not care what impression they are making on you. This encompasses many things, such as weight, hairstyle and even the underwear they put or do not put on before another date night.

The ninth sign is when your partner is rushing you while you are having sex trying to end it faster, or when your husband or boyfriend has an orgasm without waiting for you. If that is the case, it means he wants to end his suffering as soon as possible, unless he is a very selfish person. Bad sex can be a big problem even if your partner really loves you.

The tenth sign indicating you really need sex spells is when your partner makes friends with the opposite sex. Even if your partner is not going to cheat on you at the moment, he or she is already cheating on you which is happening subconsciously. Perhaps physical infidelity will occur one day too, even though your partner has no clue about it right now. So start acting now! How? We will talk to you about it in the next article.