One of the changes in our lives that we have to face, is the change in the skin appearance. Wrinkles, lines of expression and dark spots are signs of us getting older.

It is the most common to find numerous treatments and creams that claim to make amazing changes in the appearance, but they aren’t always effective and they are expensive and put the health of the skin in danger.

But, fortunately, you can make yourself completely natural facial cream. It rejuvenates, moisturizes, softens the wrinkles and gives back the shine of the skin that disappears with time. The following cream is safe, does not produce allergies and its natural components will make the skin changed in a good way and you will notice the results in only one week.

Needed ingredients:

-Two tsp. of pharmaceutical Vaseline;

-One tbs. of olive oil;

-One yolk;

-One tsp. of honey;


At first, heat the Vaseline to melt it and add the other ingredients. Mix well, and put the mixture in a bottle (not too high) with tight lid. Cleanse the skin thoroughly and use your fingers to apply the cream and massage it gently in circles. After thirty minutes, clean the face with damp towel or cotton dipped in mineral water. Use this cream two hour before going to bed as you’ll need about that time to penetrate the skin.