Pumpkins are not just for Halloween! They can be used in a diet, specially in this autumn-winter days if you want to get in shape fast. The pumpkins have some characteristics good for our body so not only that you will get in shape but also you will clean your body from poisons. You will feel younger and with a more energy.

Pumpkins have proteins, fat, carbohydrates, pectin, zinc, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin B, C, E and A. The great benefit is from vitamin K which regulate the density of blood and from T which regulate metabolism. These two are rare and can not be found in many others fruits or vegetables.

As a diet you can use in the meals:

  • as a soup with other vegetables
  • baked pumpkin
  • fresh with lemon mix in a food processor
  • rice with smashed pumpkin
  • salad with other fruits as a pineapple

You can mixed these meals day by day and add one a day piece of toast. For example:

  • breakfast: soup
  • lunch: piece of toast with rice with smashed pumpkin
  • dinner: salad

Drink a lot of water, tea without sugar and be active, exercises 30 minutes per day. Practice this diet only for 2 weeks.