Many people have fear of surgeries. If you are a snorer and think that a surgery is the only option – you are wrong. Many simple treatments that can cure snoring, but you still haven’t heard of them. Of course, more severe snoring requires more severe treatment, but still, you can avoid surgery. Surgeries are necessary only when the obtrusive sleep apnea, which affects your whole organism, begin to threaten your life. However, we truly hope that you won’t ever get to this phase. Start treating your snoring issue today and you will never think of a surgery again.

Why should you avoid surgery?

  • Snoring surgery is costly

However, this is not the real reason why you should avoid surgery. No money can replace good health condition and peaceful nights. On the other side, surgeries are not always effective. Would you pay a huge amount of money for a surgery, which effects are under a question? We believe the answer is no.

  • Post surgery period

Each surgery seeks long postoperative period. What is more, you would probably be in pain. Even some complications might occur, as people are impatient and tend to do things their own way. Postoperative period requires discipline and care.

  • Side-effects

You should be aware that every surgery can trigger some side-effects. As this surgery would be done within your neck and your head, it might cause lifetime migraines or even some more serious issues.

  • Additional requirements

When it comes to this moment, and you are under a surgery, things are just starting. Postoperative period is usually accompanied with many additional requirements, that, still are pretty unsure.
As you can see, going to surgery is complicated than it seems. Yet, we will emphasize that the effectiveness of it is the biggest break here. This is not an easy move, so you should think three times before making a decision.
We mentioned that the obtrusive sleep apnea might be the only reason for getting under a surgery.

Which are the symptoms of the sleep apnea?

  • Dry throat and mouth,
    • Extremely loud snoring,
    • Night sweating,
    • Sleepiness through the whole day,
    • Low libido,
    • Headaches,
    • High blood pressure,
    • Arrhythmia.

If you recognize more than 4 symptoms within yourself than you probably suffer from sleep apnea. Yet, depending on the stage, you still have a chance to avoid surgery. It would be best to go and see a doctor but try with green tea. Drink it every night before going to bed and listen to what your body is saying to you. It is very possible that you would feel improvement.

What are non-surgical treatments for snoring?

Diet and exercise

You would instantly think this is a stereotype. However, never underestimate the power of food and exercise. Do you know someone obese who breathes without difficulties? Of course, you didn’t. That is because the organs of that person are covered with the fat. The fat is pressing against the heart and the lungs. It is gathered around the neck too, which aggravates breathing.
Even some small adjustments of your lifestyle would be just enough. For example, go for a 30mins walk in the early morning or late at night. The air is the cleanest in the morning, especially close to the river or woods.
Secondly, when it comes to your diet, avoid fatty food, soda drinks, spicy food in the evening and late meals. So simple, right?

Experiment with the positions

Try to diagnose in which position you snore. You might need some help, of a partner or a friend, but this is very important if you want to find a solution. When you discover the snoring position, make sure you lay in a different one. Try to avoid sleeping on your back in every case.

Tea bag

Medicines are more or less helpful when it comes to snoring. Yet, medicines have side-effects, just like a surgery has. That is why you should replace them with a bag of tea. Green tea or black tea, thyme, mint, and sage might replace almost every medicine that you take.

A mouthpiece 
The most effective no-surgery treatment for snoring is a mouthpiece. A stop snoring mouthpiece will fix your snoring issues, so you would never think of a surgery. This painless, easy solution is also more affordable and doesn’t produce side-effects.