Laurel is an ingredient that we probably all have at home. It’s mostly used as a spice in the kitchen in various dishes. The laurel leaves are actually the ones that are used, but did you know which benefits it can have on your organism and how important it is for your fitness?

These amazing leaves have been used for the preparation of a medicinal oil which can be used to treat various health issues!

Benefits of laurel leaves:

They clean the colon.

They calm down your nervous system.

They increase your intellectual power and help you concentrate.

They can be used in cases of joint pain and treat varicose veins.

They increase and stimulate the method of sweating.

They strengthen the immunity.


30 grams of bay leaves

250 ml of olive oil



Grind the bay leaves and pour the olive oil over them. Transfer this mixture in a jar or a bottle. Close it tightly. Make sure it stays in a cool and dark area for 14 days. Remember to shake the bottle from time to time. After 2 weeks, filtrate the oil using a gauze and pour it into another container. Keep the oil into a cool room.

Benefits of laurel oil:

In case of painful joints, warm up the oil and apply it on the area.

Use it to treat migraines and earache.

You can just rub it into your temples and you’ll soon notice that the migraine has started to disappear.

Laurel oil can also help you decrease body temperature.

It improves the taste of food.

You’ll improve your digestive tract and your intestines will work better.

It is also beneficial in renal and hepatic problems.

Use it as a lotion to solve any skin issue on your face.

It’s the perfect treatment against pimples and acne!