The extravagant life of the rich and famous is fraught with unusual everyday activities! The best par though is being admired everywhere they go and getting all of the attention in the World.

Getting this abundance of attention has one negative side though… celebrities must always be prepared for an unexpected photo taken prom paparazzi, fans and even stalkers… so they must always look their best!

Melissa McCarthy is one of those celebrities who aren’t the typical type of Hollywood stars. She rose way up to the top of the film industry by appearing on a number of comedy movies and she has been known to wear her chubby figure in a proud and shameless way.

She has also always claimed that she has never been interested in fad diets and restricting regimes, but since she appeared on the red carpet with a stunning white dress that revealed her 50 pounds weight loss, she has gained the world of attention! Since then, everyone has been simply amazed by her figure and the world has been asking about her diet and weight loss regime.

 Melissa McCarthy’s Weight Loss Regime!

Melissa McCarthy has never been crazy about diets, in fact, when asked by reporters about her decision for starting a weight loss regime, she has always stated that she started it in order to become the HEALTHIEST version of herself, which is not the case for most other celebrities. Most of them do a bunch of workout and starve themselves in order to look slimmer, sexier and so on…

It is important to mention that Melissa never starved herself. She was used to eating 3 or sometimes even more full meals a day and going from that to starving will only result in anxiety and even depression. Moreover, unauthorized starving (by authorized, I mean supervised by a health professional) can lead to gaining back the old weight and we all that the yo-yo effect is very bad not only for our figure but also for our health!

What she was advised to do by her nutritionist was to change her diet and her life style!

When it comes to her diet, she started eating a high fat – low carb – high protein diet, which is very popular nowadays due to its weight loss benefits.

So what did and what didn’t she eat?

This diet includes eating foods that contain a lot of fiber and protein which will simultaneously keep us full and boost the metabolism! Some of those foods are: eggs, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, extra virgin olive and coconut oil, sea food, chicken, grass fed beef and so on.

For an example, she would start her day with a high protein – low carb meal such as: scrabbles egg whites, grilled chicken (it is not advised to fry any of the foods that you consume, although it is not forbidden) and some fresh vegetables. For a snack before lunch, she would have wild cod with some steamed broccoli and a cup of tea.

For lunch Melissa’s diet included grilled chicken breasts and again a cup of tea (the choice of tea up to you, although green tea is known to boost the metabolism, so might include it into your diet).

And for dinner, Melissa would eat a light meal, such as grass fed beef with some steamed vegetables. Sounds delicious right?

Melissa’s exercising routine

It is important to say that exercising MUST be fun. So the key to starting with a weight loss diet and exercising plan is to do the things that you want, creating an aversion towards exercising is the last thing you want to do.

For an example, Melissa simply adores skipping rope, so she does that 3 times a week. Some of the more vigorous exercises she does include high-intensity interval-training (HIIT) exercises, such as: wall sits, jumping jacks, a ten minute session on the rowing machine and so on…

She also mentioned that she followed her nutritionist’s advice and started to consume the Garcinia Cambodia Extract which can be found in every pharmacy and it truly helped her deal with the overabundance of sugar while keeping her vitality levels up!

So, there you have it, a simple diet and exercise plan which can help everybody in their quest for a better look and healthier life!