Dentistry is just like the sport of football. A dentist must skilfully navigate past opponents which are the issues he or she faces while operating. In the end, the dentist must score a happy patient by navigating past and correcting the ailment which is the final goalkeeper. People of every age group require the field of dentistry to help them lead happy and normal lives. This also includes children. Pediatric dentistry is the field which deals with the dentistry involving children. Since there is a different field for it, it obvious that Pediatric Dentistry is quite different from dentistry for adults.

Pediatric dentistry truly is different from dentistry for adults. The reasons for this matter range from clinical reasons to patient compliance. Treating children requires specialized skill and patience. A Dentist’s personality too comes into play here. Adults are much easier to deal with since they are capable of understanding what is being said to them, while the same is not true for children. In this segment, we try to address the question of whether Pediatric dentistry is truly more difficult as compared to dentistry for adults or not.

  1. Children are restless and full of energy

Dentistry is a field that requires the patient to be extremely still without using anesthesia to make them unconscious. Only in the most severe cases is general anesthesia used for dental surgeries. Children are full of energy and extremely restless. Imagine trying to get a child who is full of energy to sit still for more than a couple of minutes. You don’t have to undergo 5 years of dental college to know that this is an extremely difficult task. Being a parent is enough to understand how hard it is to do so. In such a case, operating on a child can become difficult and can lead to untoward injuries as well. Adults are able to understand the situation and stay still so it’s easier to operate on them.

  1. Patient Compliance

Children are usually scared of dentists. They think dentists will cause them pain. Some children even claim to get nightmares about going to the dentist’s clinic. This causes a huge problem in terms of patient compliance. Children may refuse to comply with what is being asked of them, especially after looking at the tools a dentist uses. In adults, patient compliance is much better. Adults understand the gravity of the situation and are able to overcome any fears and inhibitions they may have. Children, on the other hand, can be stubborn and they may refuse to undergo the procedure. What do you do if a child is sitting in the patient’s chair but he or she is refusing to open his or her mouth? Now, this is a problem, not every dentist can handle.

  1. Dental Anatomy of a child is different

This is another important factor when it comes to dentistry. The dental anatomy of a child and adult are somewhat different. This is because the dental anatomy of an individual evolves with age, and it grows along with him or her. The dental anatomy of a child is smaller in size and is still in the growing phase. This makes it necessary that the dentist exercises proper care and caution while dealing with a child’s dental anatomy.

The aforementioned points have made it abundantly clear that Pediatric dentistry is no cake-walk. It requires skill and patience which dentists at reliable clinics like Roswell Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics possess. Visiting the dentist regularly is a habit which you as a parent must inculcate at a young age so that your child remains in the pink of health for the rest of his or her life.