Irrespective of its type and volume, all debts can cause a serious problem if you do not take it seriously and ignore paying it off every month with due diligence. There lots of reasons to say so.

  • Ignoring your debt will not only affect your future finance and its health but will also affect your health reducing your quality of life.
  • Apart from affecting your health, debt and its stress will lead to anxiety that will also affect your relationship, both personal and professional as well.
  • You will also experience a loss in your appetite that will eventually lead to eating disorders. If you do not eat proper food it will result in lower physical strength and sometimes even be the reason for obesity.
  • Some more serious health issues due to debt recorded are loss in your immunity which will make you vulnerable to diseases and several acute and chronic illnesses.
  • Your appearance will also be affected and you may experience excessive loss of hair and other physical conditions.
  • You will also lose sleep which will affect your energy level and reduce your productivity by a significant margin.
  • Apart from these physical issues, debt can also affect your mental health resulting in mood swipes, irritation and frequent anger. With your attitude and behavior changed it will affect your relationship with your spouse and children as well.

All these effects are the result of mental anxiety that is dangerous to your health and your overall life. It will lead to further depression which has even more harmful effects.

  • You will take erratic and wrong decisions that will worsen your debt condition.
  • You may even become violent and take drastic steps being desperate to come out from your depressed condition.
  • Chances are high that you will resort to lies which will further affect your relation with your closed ones adversely.
  • You may even become an alcoholic or start taking on drugs which is even more serious an issue.
  • You will also start to avoid social contacts and occasions and feel better living in your shell.

In short, you will be living in constant fear of collection calls and legal actions taken against you by your creditors which might even force you to contemplate on ending your life by committing suicide.

Know the signs

Anxiety can manifest in ways more than one and there are a few specific signs of anxiety.

  • The most common symptom of anxiety is panic attacks. This is a painful feeling in your chest which may suddenly feel closing from all sides and tightening. It may even make it very difficult for you to breathe.
  • There are other mental manifestations of anxiety such as when you feel that something drastic is going to happen and you cannot find any easy way out of it.

All these mental and physical manifestations can however cause some very serious physical issues. You will experience things like:

  • A trembling feeling
  • Profuse sweating
  • Nausea and
  • An increased heartbeat rate.

Therefore, whenever you notice these signs, do not take it lightly but visit to your doctor immediately.

In addition to that, you must also focus on choosing the best option to get relief from your debts. Some of the useful options are settling your debts with your creditor or taking out a larger debt consolidation loan to combine all your debts into one. Of course there are also other options that a debt advisor or a debt settlement company may suggest you.

However, make sure that you select such an agency after proper and thorough research and choose only the ones that have high debt settlement ratings to work with. Remember, there are lots of companies out there who will take advantage of your situation and con you leaving you in a worse situation than before.

Relation with depression

Anxiety can lead to depression when it reaches to serious levels. This is even more dangerous and has specific symptoms of it as well. Some of these symptoms are:

  • Sleep apnea
  • Overeating or under eating
  • Obesity
  • Feeling of sadness
  • Always being in a self-doubt or confused frame of mind
  • Lost interest in life
  • A mind full of dark thoughts and much more.

There are also a few specific medical conditions that you may experience when you are depressed. These are:

  • Increased blood pressure
  • Increased level of cholesterol and
  • Increased deposition of body fat in your bloodstream.

All these medical issues if ignored can lead to several cardiovascular and heart diseases including strokes and heart attacks.

Look for the right relief

There are lots of relief processes that will help you to stay fit and fine and lead a happy life as well.

Since all these health issues are results of debt, you must focus on your debt first right from the first day you take it on.

  • Make sure that your concept and outlook regarding debt is changed. You must believe that debt is a legal obligation essentially with your creditor to whom you must pay the principal amount along with the interest for doing the ‘favor’ by allowing you to use their money. Ideally, the law provides the creditors the right to sue you if you do not pay them back.
  • Knowing that you cannot avoid repaying your debt, you must focus on the different ways in which you can manage your finance as well as your debt. Budgeting is very important and so is sticking to it. This will help you to keep a track of your money inflow and outflow and make necessary arrangements to continue repaying your loan every month so as not to default.

Coming on to your health, you should also follow a few specific steps so that you stay fit and healthy. These are:

  • Running and jogging regularly
  • Talking to people you like
  • Meditating
  • Eating healthy and
  • Staying relaxed.

Remember, if you are fit you will be able to work more and earn more to come out of your debt situation conveniently. Your health depends on how proactive you are with your debt.