Why we are losing hair in autumn? Is it normal or not? Yes it is, but if you lose more than normal quantity and you can easily see skin on your scalp, it’s time to be worry about. Hair has 3 phases of life: anagen-growing time in duration of maximum 7 years, catagen-transitional phase in duration of 2 weeks and telogen-falling down phase in duration of 100 days. In that phase we are losing hair.

Losing hair in autumn – normal or not?

In the summer we are more expose on sun and growth hormone is more active. In that time hair grows faster. In autumn it’s time to fall down. Hair falls down for few weeks until hormones are get in balance. The number of fallen hair is from 80 to 120 per day. That’s normal and you don’t worry about it.


But there are other reasons for losing hair more that we want!

Dehydration of hair strands during summer accelerates hair loss. For healthy and quality hair, you must use high quality hair products for your type, especially if you wash it more than ones in three days.

Sun, salt, chlorine, frequent washes or use of flat iron goes with summer time. All of them damage hair, so you must use mask for regeneration. In the same time in first days of autumn, you cut your hair and get rid of lifeless hair.


Some activity we do contribute to hair loss regardless of the season.

Bad nutrition influences on healthy hair. It needs proteins, vitamins and minerals, so we should eat foods rich in vitamins A, E and D3, and also coenzyme Q10, mineral selenium, zinc, copper and iron. Lack of iron is usually reason for increased hair fall. You should do blood test.

Hard diets can cause heavy hair loss because they expose the body to a lack of nutrients. If body senses a lack of energy, it will take it from irrelevant body parts like hair or nails.

Stress causes contraction of blood vessels, so nutrients can’t come to the hair strands. As long as we are in stress situation, hair will be without “food”.

Drugs and contraceptive pills may imbalanced hormones and causes hair loss.