In the recent past, the Dubai real estate sector has been growing at an exceptionally fast rate. This has created plenty of opportunities for real estate agents and agencies have been cropping up at an alarming rate. Most of the top real estate brokers in Dubai are playing a crucial role in bringing buyers and sellers on the same table. However, due to the huge number of agents waiting to make a deal, it is very difficult to get the right agent with reputation and experience.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a property in Dubai, you will need an agent. The agent should help you get the best deal. For instance, if you are buying a property, the agent should propose ideal locations to invest in the city. Some of the best properties include Bluewater Residences,  Madinat Jumeirah Living  and Emaar Mina Rashid which are placed in some of the best locations in Dubai. Hiring a trusted agent will help you find profitable deals at affordable prices.

Here are tips for finding a trusted real estate agent


Unlike before, it is very easy to find dozens of agents in a particular area through the internet. In fact, some websites feature a list of local brokers with client testimonials and their recent works. If you need to get more information about a certain agent, you should look at their website which provides very useful information. For instance, if you are selling a property in Dubai, you can see how the agent has handled pass deals by going through the agent’s portfolio.

2. Interview them

After shortlisting the agents, the next step is to interview them. Even though you can do so through the telephone, it is advisable to meet them in person. This way, you will be able to know the person better and determine whether their personality fits with yours. The agent will be guiding you through the stressful and financial significant processes involved. So, you need to be comfortable with them. While interviewing them, ask a lot of questions to verify the viability of the agent.

3. Ask for references

The next step after interviewing the agents is to talk with their past clients. Ask the agents to provide you at least three references of clients they have handled recently. Try to find out how the agent interacts with their clients. For instance, if they were selling a property, how did the agent market it?

4. Verify their credentials

In Dubai, a real estate agent should not operate without a proper license. In 2007, a law was issued to regulate the growth of real estate agents and bring sanity to the industry. The Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) was established as an extension of the Dubai Land Departments (DLD) to oversee the real estate industry including managing the activities of brokers.