Apart from tears, there are other reasons why the body accumulates and retains fluids under the eyes: tiredness, allergies, salty foods and even menstruation in the case of women.

Therefore, sometimes that unattractive swelling is fortunately only temporary, but swollen eyes can also be a product of age.

As we age, the muscles under our eyes weaken and the skin loses elasticity.

Fat tissues pass through and around weakened muscles, and this swelling is aggravated at times due to fatigue, allergies and other temporary influences.

Popular remedies for puffy eyes

You can minimize the appearance of swollen eyes (and in some cases prevent them) by using some of the following remedies:

Remedy for Puffy Eyes # 1 : Put on a cold compress. To do this, you should soak a rag in cold water (or wrap some ice cubes in a towel) and put on your eyelids. When the canvas warms up, squeeze and repeat the remedy. Do it three or four times.

Remedy for Puffy Eyes # 2 Put a teaspoon in the refrigerator for a few minutes. Apply, once cold, under the eyes for about 10 or 20 minutes first thing in the morning.

Remedy for Puffy Eyes # 3 Put a previously washed cucumber in the refrigerator. After a few minutes and once cool, cut into slices and apply several on the swollen area under the eyes. Leave on until heated.

Remedy for Puffy Eyes # 4 Pour 1 tablespoon of dandelion leaves into a cup of water and boil for 5 minutes. Let cool and strain. Take 2 cups a day in order to facilitate the removal of fluid retained not only under the eyes but also throughout the body.

Remedy for Puffy Eyes # 5 Apply wet and cold chamomile tea bags for about 10 to 20 minutes. (First you will need to squeeze excess water.) Chamomile narrows blood vessels and is has an effect that helps minimize swelling of the eyes, Note: You should only take one warning into account: if you have a pollen allergy, It is possible that flowers rich in pollen from chamomile cause reaction, even in the form of tea. If so, or if this remedy worsens the condition of your eyes instead of improving it, avoid it or stop applying it.

Remedy for Puffy Eyes # 6 Put a bag of cold black tea and wrapped with a tissue. The tea contains tannin, a natural astringent. Tannin will help to tighten the skin and reduce swelling. In five minutes it will be ready. It is advisable to wrap the tea bag with a tissue. Otherwise, it will stain the skin and give the appearance of a raccoon. Also, the tannic acid (derived from the tannin) comes to produce ardor. Therefore, close your eyes.

Remedy for Puffy Eyes # 7 Soak a cotton ball in cold milk and place it under the eyes. Leave on until hot.

Remedy for Puffy Eyes # 8 Mix 1 1/2 teaspoons of each of the following dried herbs: marigold (marigold) flowers, euphrasia, borage flowers and raspberry leaves. Place herbal mixture in a 1/4 gallon (946 ml) glass jar, fill with boiling water and cover. Let stand at room temperature for two to eight hours. Once the infusion has cooled, soak a wipe with the liquid, lie down and rest, covering your eyes closed with the wipe. You can store the infusion over the refrigerator for two or three days.

Recommendations for puffy eyes

Avoid salty foods and alcohol. Eating a lot of salty foods (eg, potatoes and pickles) and drinking alcohol will keep liquids, which can accumulate in the eye area (and other parts of the body).

Do not carve under the eyes. In doing so, your eyes will become irritated, red and swollen.

Sleeping long enough. Get enough sleep, that is, between six and eight hours each night.

Raise your head with pillows. Putting two full-size pillows under your head will help the liquids not concentrate under your eyes. Lifting your head helps empty the fluid from the bags under your eyes. Finally, be sure to sleep on your back, as the swelling of the eyes is accentuated by sleeping on your stomach.

Use a concealer, but to clarify only what was not swollen. The following is recommended: using a small firm brush plus a corrector of a tone a bit lighter than the natural color of your skin, draw a thin line in the crease that runs around the area that is swollen. Distribute the concealer gently in the crease with the tip of your ring finger.

After applying concealer, apply a foundation directly to the swollen part. Choose a base similar to the color of your skin, more or less a darker shade than the concealer. Use your ring finger to put a few dots of the base in the swollen part of your eyes and to distribute it. If its base is oil, add a translucent powder to remove the gloss.

Go to the doctor when you wake up to have an inflamed eyelid that is three times the size of the other. This is possibly a sign of urticaria or an allergic reaction to an insect picket.

Also, do not stop if your eyelids do not close completely on the eyeball (an indication of a possible thyroid problem).