In Indian culture,turmeric or more known as curcuma is a traditional ingredient in many meals. The healthy benefits from curcuma are many. You can treat cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, allergies, arthritis and other chronicle illnesses. In one word, you will boost your immune system with it. Here is one ancient recipe known as “Golden Milk”, easy to make and tasty to consume!


• 50 ml water
• 1/8 tsp of curcuma powder
• 200 ml goat milk
• 2 tbsp almond oil
• 1 tbsp honey


• In a pot, on low temperature, slowly cook water and curcuma for 6-8 minutes.
• Add milk and oil and cook until it boils.
• Take away from heat, cool it down and add honey.

Put it in glass and drink it. You can consume this glass of golden milk every day and you will notice benefits for your body.