Functional Medicine, this term may appear ambiguous, but this domain is turning mainstream. So it is now becoming the future of healthcare. This field and term is something different compared to the standard care model or conventional medicine. To understand functional medicine thoroughly, it is vital to contrast the same with that of traditional medicine.

A physician traditionally uses hormones or drugs as a therapeutic tool for dealing with any disease or dysfunction. For different conditions such as elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and low thyroid the standard care model is the same. The physician may treat the patient or refer him or her to a specialist. In fact, the specialist and the general practitioner have the same access to the basic tool which is medication.

In the standard care model, the training is in diagnosing an ailment and matching it with the corresponding medicine. It works perfectly for emergencies, infection, trauma and acute diseases. But unfortunately, it miserably fails in treating chronic diseases. The chronic conditions include neurological, metabolic, hormonal, digestive and allergic problems that probably most people suffer from regularly and such people are finding solutions in none other than functional medicine. You can make the most of Active Edge Functional Medicine.

Functional Medicine- 5 Key Principles 

What is all the hype about functional medicine and ways in which it can handle chronic diseases? To understand this better take a look at the 5 key principles associated with functional medicine.

  • First and foremost, functional medicine considers ever person to be different which means biochemically and genetically unique. It is a form of healthcare that is personalized and will not treat the disease but the individual. Functional medicine will support the body’s usual healing mechanisms naturally instead of directly attacking the disease.
  • It is purely science-based. As per the most recent research, it throws light that what takes place within one is associated with a web of connections or complicated network. When these relationships are understood it will enable one in seeing deep into their body’s functioning.
  • A person’s body is indeed intelligent thus has the capacity for what is called self-regulation that expresses itself via a dynamic balance amid all body systems.
  • The body has the ability to heal and preventing almost every ailment of aging.
  • In the real sense, health is not merely being disease free yet a state of high vitality.

So this was a clear definition and clear distinction of functional medicine. Rather than asking which drug will match with this disease, it will ask essential questions which just some conventional doctors ask such as why one has such a problem first of all, why the loss of function, what they can do for restoring the function and so on. Functional medicine, in other words, tries to discover the underlying cause or mechanism concerning just any function loss, that finally reveals why the different symptoms are there or why one has a specific disease label. To know more consult a chiropractor right away.