There are thing for detoxification that no one want to took about. It’s clear to anybody that this process pure fay your body and the benefits ate great, BUT you must be careful with it. That BUT  will make you thing and thy to choose the right way to do the detoxification. You must see and answer some of the question:
You must prepare yourself for the process of detoxification. Don’t eat sweets the day before. Few days before reduce drinking coffee and milk, reduce eating meat and milk products and increase eating fruits and vegetables, drinking water and exercise at least 30 minutes per day. This will prepare your body to accept cleaning more easily.
If you are younger then 18 or pregnant or maybe you are breastfeeding your baby, you can’t do hard detoxification. You may practice light version only for 2-3 days.

The process of detoxification must be accept physically and mentally. It mustn’t causes stress, because then you will have unwanted effect. If you feel bad during the process, after it end, you may composite the lose kilograms very quick.
Maybe, it will cost you more then you expect. If you use fresh fruits for juices or buy yourself a new juicier with the combination with steam bath, saunas and others salon services, the final price will be bigger then you may be prepare to give.
Although during detoxification you will lose kilograms, the mean thing of it is cleaning your body, your inner organs from toxins. The stress and quick way of life, doesn’t give your body time to throw out all toxin from it.
Duration of detoxification is from 3 to 60 days. Listen to your body and doctor’s advice how many days are ok for you. The last days start to take different foods step by step starting with raw products.
The liver is our purifier, so eat food to keep it healthy like hhh and you will get the natural detoxification every day.

Do it twice per year, in the spring and in the autumn and you will feel the benefit of it.

Your body will be thankful !