Are you on a strict diet and still got that awful belly you really want to get rid of? Try this simple water recipe and you’ll control your cravings and you’ll remove that belly fat for good. It is made with water. And it’s called Sassy water.

All you need is:

– two litres of water (8 and a half cups)

– 1 tbs freshly grated ginger

– 1 sliced cucumber

– 1 sliced lemon

– 12-15 mint leaves

Put all the ingredients in the water and let it cool in the fridge for a couple of hours.

Drink it during the day. To obtain your optimal results you also need to try this

Here’s how it works:

Ginger is a great ingredient if you suffer from bad digestion. It is an excellent cleanser and helps your body in detoxification process. Lemon contains citric acid, which again, helps digestion by breaking down the food in your stomach. Cucumbers prevent bloating and constipation. They are natural diuretic thus fight against water retention. And, mint is known for its smoothing effect on stomach your stomach and intestines. It aids digestion and releases stomach aches.

People who suffer from bad digestion, bloating and gas are especially recommended to drink this water at least two weeks. The symptoms will disappear. However, those who have serious digestion problems like often constipation and blocked digestion should also consider changing their diet habits. Consuming foods such as dairy, soda and beans can only add to the problem. Also, people should be aware of bad food combinations. If you are one of those, who suffer from bad digestion you should consider avoiding combinations such as meat and potatoes, or rice and fish. Try to have as much fresh salad as you can with your meat or fish without combining them with potatoes or rice. If you want to eat potatoes, eat them with a fresh salad without taking meat with it.

Sassy water not only will it help you boost your digestion but it will also reduce your excess belly fat, give you more energy and detoxify your body. You’ll notice the difference after only consuming it for a couple of days.