Anal sex can be an odd experience.

Some people avoid it. They’re not into “dirty play”, so they prefer to stick to normal vaginal sex.

But others love anal sex – even to the point of trying to experience it as solo pleasure.

But today, we’ll focus on anal sex. We’ll give you a few tips to help you get started.

Follow them, and enjoy a good starting experience!

#1 – Experiment with a Toy.

The problem with anal sex (for women) is that “someone else” is giving it to you.

And if it’s your first time, that can be troublesome. After all, you might not be aware of how much grinding you can tolerate.

You might not be aware of any special sensitivities, especially if your anal hole is a bit small.

So your best bet is to start experimenting alone. Give yourself a few sessions with a sex toy, before trying with a partner!

A Recommendation.

Try using a remote control butt plug.

Basically, that’s a vibrator that works for anal sex. And it’s designed to operate well for both men and women!

You can use those toys to test how much intensity you can handle.

You can get a good feel for penetration depth, which gives you something to guide your partner later on!

#2 – Use Tons of Lubrication.

This applies to both using a sex toy and doing anal sex.

And it matters a lot if it’s your first time. You need some kind of buffer to make your experience comfortable.

Lubrication does that job better than anything else. It’ll make your experience more relaxing and less likely to be painful!

And speaking of relaxation…

#3 – Frequently Massage Your Anal Muscles.

If your anus is tight, anal sex will be painful. And it’s almost always tight for first-time trying, and those a little stressed out.

We recommend frequent massages. Do them multiple times a day when you can (and especially before sex).

Also, be sure to breathe deeply as you massage. You want your entire body to relax too, which aids in softening your anal muscles!

#4 – Start With Simple Positions.

Don’t jump into something complex. And don’t try positions that focus on deep penetration.

Keep it simple. Either start with a missionary position (with a few pillows under your butt for elevation). Or, stick to doggy style sex.

And of the previous two, doggy style is the best anal sex position. Your partner gets more space to work with. And they can better work the butt for foreplay.

Speaking of that…

#5 – Don’t Forget Foreplay.

The anal hole isn’t all there is to pleasure. You’ve also got the thighs and butt cheeks to work with.

Slow caressing works wonders. And so are a few touches to the body before getting started (as in normal foreplay).

Make sure not to neglect those. You want to arouse yourself a bit. That’ll open up your sphincter more, making penetration easy!

#6 – Start Slow.

Don’t be tempted to enjoy full penetration. You need to take it easy.

We recommend enjoying the tip for the first minute or two. Keep penetration slow, and don’t rush the sex.

Take it as a chance to massage your anal opening. With slow penetration, you adjust yourself to the pressure of anal penetration!

Final Tip.

First-time anal sex is just like first-time vaginal intercourse.

Most of what you’re doing is easing your muscles and slowly experimenting. So, it’s always recommended that you know what you prefer before getting started.

The previous 6 tips should help you out. Follow them, and enjoy an amazing experience!