The most important element of the “diet for flat belly” is Sassy water, which was created by the famous nutritionist Cynthia Sass. This tasty drink got its name by the creator and it vitalizes, refreshes, and has wonderful effect on your body. Also, it calms the digestive tract, decreases puffiness, and most importantly, it’s very low in calories.

Cynthia claims that consuming this drink will help to everybody to lose even 10 cm of fat accumulated in the waist for only 4 days.The concept of Sassy water lays in the fact that we need at least 8 glasses of water every day for our body to function normally. Of course, this amount is only a start, because the need for water depends from different physical activities, and varies from person to person.

In the beginning of this diet it is important to drink the whole amount. Also, she recommends to consume a lot of fruits and vegetables that are rich with great amounts of water. Correct hydration of your body will help you to prevent intestinal bloating, constipation, and will balance the levels of liquid in your body.

In order to be successful with this diet you must avoid snacks, sweets, food that contains a lot of calories and fat, and consume healthy groceries in small portions. Don’t forget to practice, because that is also a step closer to your goal. Keep in mind that the preparation of Sassy water and its serving are only reminder of what will come after and then without any problems focus on your goal: flat belly once and for all!


Minimum 8 glasses of water (if you drink more water during the day feel free to take it)

1 teaspoon of grated ginger root

1 middle sized lemon, cut on slices

1 middle sized cucumber, peeled and cut on slices

12 leafs of spearmint



Mix all ingredients in pitcher, put them in your fridge overnight, and drain. Right after you start with your first glass of the Sassy water, try to drink the whole dose during the day, and in the evening make yourself another one for tomorrow. Don’t drink anything else for 4 days, and when you see the benefits, you will never stop consuming this magical water.