There is something special about townhouses that differentiate them with other house types such as villas and apartments. They are more affordable than villas and provide more rooms than apartments. As a result, there is a huge array of townhouses for sale in Dubai such as Meraas Sur La Mer Townhouses. A modernist aesthetic has a level of simplicity that will give your living a long-lasting relevance.

Due to the increased competition in the real estate market, most developers in Dubai are offering a bunch of beautifully designed off plan properties in Dubai where you can invest in for the future.

Till you decide on your future investment plan, you can also try to revamp your current townhouse.

Here are some modern décor tips to add to your townhouse:

1. Artistic living room

This is a recent townhouse trending style that is eye-catching and original. Key features of this trend are the striking furniture, statement lighting and wall art. You should choose an artwork that is unforgettable and noticeable. There is a wide variety of options that are available at low cost. A well-placed wall artwork makes the living space feel more luxurious.

2. Industrial elements

The modern interior design evolved due to the advancement of concrete, steel and glass as the building materials. So, when decorating your townhouse, you should choose an industrial aesthetic. Some of the elements in your house should be made from glass, concrete or glass.

3. Declutter

Declutter most of the visible areas of your house such as the countertops, walls, mantels, etc. Remember the minimalist thumb rule that less is more. Therefore, when decorating your modern house, it is important to organise and tuck away some items out of sight.

4. Primary colours

Modern décor is associated with bold colours. So when choosing the wall colours, furniture pieces or other elements in the house, you should stick to primary colours such as black, white, grey, etc. However, you should make sure the general colour in the living space is uniform and does not crush.

5. Open plan

One of the most prominent features of the modern interior design is the open-plan layout. This type of layout eliminates unnecessary structure and also encourages free flow in the house. All the elements in the house should be arranged in a way that complements the open-plan style.

Minimalistic furniture and elements

Modern items have become iconic and sought-after in most homes. Settle for furniture with straight lines and with minimal decorations. Try as much as possible to use plain fabric and avoid conspicuous patterns and prints.