Do you wish to improve or make your smile better? If yes, then you should know the different choices of cosmetic dentistry solutions available at your disposal. The demand for cosmetic dentistry has gone up as it works wonders to transform anyone’s teeth and give them a smile they so desire. A good dentist can help one in determining which cosmetic dentistry technique will be ideal in brightening their smile.

A Close Look at the 7 Different Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

Take a look at the 7 different types of cosmetic dentistry and its respective benefits,

  1. Cosmetic Teeth Whitening- Teeth Whitening or teeth bleaching as it is also known as this process can help in brightening and whitening the teeth from staining or discoloration. You can do this either at home or at the dental clinic. Not all can bleach their teeth thus it is crucial in checking with the dentist beforehand.
  1. Cosmetic Dental Veneers- A veneer is a thin shell created from composite material or porcelain. It is custom made as well as cement to the tooth’s front side. Veneers can be useful for treating dental conditions like chipped teeth, discolored teeth, crooked teeth or for covering teeth gaps. To know more contact dental solutions of South Fla.
  1. Cosmetic Dental Implants- Dental implants are a device made of metal designed to replace missing teeth. Usually made of titanium it is placed in the jawbone surgically in place of the missing tooth. An implant, as opposed to the dental bridge, is permanent. It is designed for acting like a tooth root which can anchor any artificial teeth or teeth like a denture, bridge or crown.
  1. Cosmetic Dental Crown- Also called caps, dentists customize it for fitting over one’s whole tooth post getting prepared by the cosmetic dentist. Generally, it is crated of porcelain or acrylic which has been fused into the metal for withstanding the biting pressure. In cosmetic dentistry dental crowns are used for treating chipped and broken teeth, badly decayed, poorly shaped teeth and to cover spaces between teeth or large fillings.
  1. Cosmetic Teeth Shaping- In teeth shaping or enamel shaping, a dentist, uses this technique for reshaping a tooth via removing or filling some enamel. Generally, this process offers instant effects and is not painful.
  1. Cosmetic Tooth Bonding- It is a means through which materials that are tooth-colored are bonded or adhered to the tooth. Dentists use bonding for repairing or improving a tooth’s appearance which is broken, chipped or badly stained.
  1. Cosmetic Orthodontic Treatment- The truth is an orthodontist is not merely for kids. In fact, a good number of adults are consulting them for cosmetic needs. In the case of crooked or buck teeth, an orthodontist will be of great help.

The bottom line is, get in touch with a good dentist and share your problems with them based on which they can offer you with the most suitable cosmetic dentistry technique. Your dental insurance may not cover cosmetic dentistry or may not be affordable for you so choose wisely.