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7 Healthy Benefits of Pineapple

Pineapple has a lot of vitamins and minerals and only 50cal/100gr. You should always eat fresh because caned pineapple has adds like sugar and preservatives. There are a lot of benefit from pineapple, but diabetic should be careful because it has fruit sugar about 9.89 gr/per 100gr. Fix Digestive problems Pineapple has enzyme bromelain that help digestive system to digest food and release stomach bloating. This enzyme can be found only in fresh pineapple and it's recommended to be eaten after lunch. Anti-inflammatory ...
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TOP 6 FOODS Eaten by Nutritionists Every Day

It’s very important to eat varies foods. That way we will expose our bodies to spectrum of nutrients. Different vitamins, minerals and antioxidants will be supplied to cover all aspect of nutrition. That’s very important because vitamin B can do the role of vitamin C and reverse or antioxidant from tomato it’s not the same as antioxidant from black beans.   Eating different foods every day we accomplish a goal to supply our organism with protection against aging and diseases. In ...
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Why we are losing hair in autumn? Is it normal or not? Yes it is, but if you lose more than normal quantity and you can easily see skin on your scalp, it’s time to be worry about. Hair has 3 phases of life: anagen-growing time in duration of maximum 7 years, catagen-transitional phase in duration of 2 weeks and telogen-falling down phase in duration of 100 days. In that phase we are losing hair. Losing hair in autumn – normal ...
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When we talk about healthy chocolate, we mean DARK CHOCOLATE. There are still dilemma about its status of healthy food, but the last scientific researches show that chocolate is a heart-healthy choice. The main ingredient in a chocolate is cocoa that comes from 3 types of cocoa trees. They have cocoa beans that are originally white, but in the drying process become brownish. One cocoa bean has 30-50 large seeds. Although the origin of cocoa trees is America, the main producer ...
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How we should drink water? When we should drink? How much we should drink? What water temperature should be? All the answers are below! Beside the proteins, water is prime substance for body building. Although water has no nutritional or energy value likes proteins, fats or carbohydrates, however without it the life is impossible! Where water can be found in our body? The water is in our blood, lymph, digestive system, muscles, every cell of our body. All nutrients, minerals, vitamins and ...
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FREE Yourself from DARKNESS – 7 Secret of Detoxification

There are thing for detoxification that no one want to took about. It's clear to anybody that this process pure fay your body and the benefits ate great, BUT you must be careful with it. That BUT  will make you thing and thy to choose the right way to do the detoxification. You must see and answer some of the question: #1 You must prepare yourself for the process of detoxification. Don't eat sweets the day before. Few days before reduce drinking ...
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Alternative Source of VITAMIN D for Strong Bones

Sun is a good source vitamin D and also can be easily found in milk, but there are a group of people who can’t afford them. Some of them are have sun allergies and some are intolerant to lactose. It’s good to know that those people have alternative to provide themselves with this vitamin. The lack of it can cause various illnesses like osteomalacia or rickets. Fish, fresh or canned, is a good source of vitamin D. You will take 50% ...
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5 Minutes Exercise for Perfect BRAZILIAN BUTT

If you want to have perfect butt like Brazilian women, don't go to Rio! Try these 5 exercises to tone and lift your butt. Every women can find for herself little time to do this 5 minutes workout and get amazing butt contour. Exercise No1 PLIE stand with feet wider with the toes turned out, arms next to the body lower your body down, but the knees must not pass the line of toes while lowering your body down, in the same time, rise ...
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Healthy Donuts by Olivera

This was a suggestion from my godmother Olivera, who study Early Childhood Education at MEGT Institute. This is the traditional recipe for donuts, but made in a donuts maker. This way you will avoid using of extra oil for frying. The donuts will be lighter and healthier. Ingredients: • 2 cups of plain flour • 1 ½ tsp of baking powder • 2 eggs • 1 ½ cup of low fat milk • 1 tbsp butter • ½ tsp cinnamon • pinch of salt Preparation: Put the eggs and milk ...
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#2 Maple Syrup – Wonder of the World

Maple syrup is our choice for this article of series healthier foods on World . The maple syrup can even be compared with honey and it has lower level of calories and higher level of minerals than honey. You can found it in stores and the use is easy, but the benefits are really big. It is a product of 3 kinds of maple trees which grow in North America. It was used by the natives in the past, but the ...
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Almost all the women in the world are facing the problems with cellulite. It’s not a pretty view! The “orange-looking” skin in the beginning is just esthetic problem, but later it can give you even pain when you touch it. Beside the creams and masks that you apply on the skin from outside to get rid of the cellulite, you can work from inside by following these advices: #1 Drink a lot of liquids, at least 2 l per day. The ...
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Zumba Fittnes !

If you are in the group of people which don't want classical exercise like running, riding a bike or exercise in the gym, than zumba is for you! Zumba will give you the pleasure of dancing but in the same time you will losing kilograms and get in shape. It's a latino dance mixed with aerobic exercises. You don't need to be in good condition, everyone can practice zumba. The benefits are real good for your health. Burning calories Zumba dance is fast ...
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We always ask our self what is good to eat? Is some food products bad for us or for our health? Will I make it right if I eat more of “this” and “less” of that? The experts say that there are no bad food products, just bad quantities and bad combinations !  To reach and keep the good shape you must forget some food products ? FALSE: it is scientific proofed that it's not healthy to make a restriction for some ...
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Pumpkins are not just for Halloween! They can be used in a diet, specially in this autumn-winter days if you want to get in shape fast. The pumpkins have some characteristics good for our body so not only that you will get in shape but also you will clean your body from poisons. You will feel younger and with a more energy. Pumpkins have proteins, fat, carbohydrates, pectin, zinc, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin B, C, E and A. The great ...
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Aloe Vera is known as a elixir of long life and often called the queen of herbs. Discovered in Barbados by botanist Miller and it was registered as Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller. The word aloe means bitter substance that is under the crust of this plant. It grows in areas with hot and dry climate with average temperature of 22°C like Mexico. There are 250 types but only 4 of them have medicinal effects. To survive in a scarce environment, aloe vera ...
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One way to eat tomatos is to eat them as a soup. This is a good solution if you are in the group of the people who hate the taste of fresh tomatos, but you don't mind to consume them other way.Warm, filling, flavor-packed soups and stews are the perfect antidote to chilly winter days. Skip canned soups that are packed with sodium and other hard-to-pronounce ingredients and try one of these easy recipes. Each pot simmers with good-for-you nutrients ...
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Beside 4 products from this link that you must use to prepare and take care of your skin in autumn and winter from outside, you can use these 7 products as nutrition of the skin from inside. 1.Sea food: you can eat sea food up to 3 times per week. The best results give tuna and salmon 2.Olive oil:  it’s recommended to eat 2 spoons of olive oil per day. You can put it in a salad or find some other way to ...
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