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7 Products That Melts the FAT!

1. Eggs Surprising eggs will help you fight the fat. They have Vitamin B12 which will help your body to burn fat much faster. Also a very important is that they will give you a feeling of full stomach so you will avoid overeating. 2. Peanut butter There are many types of a peanut butter, the favorite butter in USA. All of them have a lot of magnesium, which encourages your cells to metabolize energy and that way your fat will be spent ...
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Highly Effective 90 Days Diet !

Highly Effective 90 Days Diet ! Why 90 Days? Experience shows that 90 days are enough to make your body to accept the new metabolism. If you practice the diet less than 90 days, there will be now change, no acceptance and the kilograms will came back. More than 90 days is not recommended, the body must rest from the stress although this diet is not so hard.   How this diet work? There are 4 different days with specific nutrients that you are allow ...
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The controversy surrounding radiation exposure to humans has been raging for many years now. Since radiation is invisible to the naked eye – many don’t realize its potential harm. Over the past decade, researchers have looked at various options to protect ourselves in the event of radioactive fallout. Especially since the nuclear disaster at Fukushima. Some ‘experts’ would argue there’s nothing that can be done. But, others would point to the work of Dr. Akizuki – a medical doctor in Nagasaki ...
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