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REAL AIKIDO – Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

Any regular physical activity has with no doubt positive effects on our health by keeping us in a good shape and prevent several chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, depression, cancer, hypertension, etc.   Real Aikido is martial art of defense with an extremely flexible system of defensive techniques. Their  main characteristics are speed and timeliness of response, continuity of a technique and complete the final control of the attacker, using specific lever. The founder of Real Aikido is master Ljubomir ...
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5 Minutes Exercise for Perfect BRAZILIAN BUTT

If you want to have perfect butt like Brazilian women, don't go to Rio! Try these 5 exercises to tone and lift your butt. Every women can find for herself little time to do this 5 minutes workout and get amazing butt contour. Exercise No1 PLIE stand with feet wider with the toes turned out, arms next to the body lower your body down, but the knees must not pass the line of toes while lowering your body down, in the same time, rise ...
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Zumba Fittnes !

If you are in the group of people which don't want classical exercise like running, riding a bike or exercise in the gym, than zumba is for you! Zumba will give you the pleasure of dancing but in the same time you will losing kilograms and get in shape. It's a latino dance mixed with aerobic exercises. You don't need to be in good condition, everyone can practice zumba. The benefits are real good for your health. Burning calories Zumba dance is fast ...
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