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WHO warning: No evidence that antibody tests can show corona virus immunity

The World Health Organization issued a warning Friday about coronavirus testing, saying there’s no evidence serological tests can show whether a person has immunity or is no longer at risk of becoming reinfected. “These antibody tests will be able to measure that level of serology presence, that level of antibodies, but that does not mean that somebody with antibodies” is immune, said Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, head of WHO’s emerging diseases and zoonosis unit. So-called serological, or antibody, tests can indicate whether ...
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Surprising Beauty Hacks That You Should Know Before

With so many things to do within a day, you want to seek for beauty routine or steps that can save you time. However, no matter how fast you want to complete your beauty routine, you want to ensure that your hair, skin, or nails stay beautiful and healthy. Good thing, there are plenty of beauty hacks that can help you stay stunning. After reading this post, for sure, you’ll be surprised that these simple things are really possible. So, let’s get ...
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Writing a Short Essay about Healthy Lifestyle

The popularity of a healthy lifestyle is growing every day more rapidly. Everyone wants to be healthy, feel the strength and vigor not only of his spirit but also of the body. Today we will talk about what is a healthy lifestyle, and how to describe it in the form of the essay if you receive such an assignment from your professor. A healthy lifestyle is a set of certain rules, following which, a person can stay healthy, as well as ...
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Suwitmuaythai in Phuket for boost your health with Muay Thai and lose weight

Being healthy means being in the best physical and mental condition. Unfortunately, the number of people who can’t say that they are healthy is growing every year. This is not a surprise because the majority of modern men and women are practicing unhealthy lifestyles. Just think about it. Most of us are working in a sitting position and even if we are doing a physical job this activity has an impact on our health. We should also mention the high level of ...
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Provasil Review: Can It Really Help My Memory?

While taking care about our physical appearance, we often forget caring of our mind. It may be okay to have a problem in remembering something occasionally, but if it happens too often, perhaps it is time to do something to boost your brain performance and health. The smartest move you can make to keep your mind sharp is to start taking a nootropic supplement. What Is Provasil? Provasil is one of the premium nootropics supplements available in today’s market. It is an ...
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No surgery treatment for snoring

Many people have fear of surgeries. If you are a snorer and think that a surgery is the only option – you are wrong. Many simple treatments that can cure snoring, but you still haven’t heard of them. Of course, more severe snoring requires more severe treatment, but still, you can avoid surgery. Surgeries are necessary only when the obtrusive sleep apnea, which affects your whole organism, begin to threaten your life. However, we truly hope that you won’t ever ...
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First Time Trying Anal Sex? Here are 6 Tips to Get Started!

Anal sex can be an odd experience. Some people avoid it. They’re not into “dirty play”, so they prefer to stick to normal vaginal sex. But others love anal sex – even to the point of trying to experience it as solo pleasure. But today, we’ll focus on anal sex. We’ll give you a few tips to help you get started. Follow them, and enjoy a good starting experience! #1 – Experiment with a Toy. The problem with anal sex (for women) is that “someone else” ...
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Arthritis Caused Me a Lot of Pain Until I Tried This Remedy That Made It Disappear In a Short Time

Around the world, many people have been suffering from arthritis for a long time. This disease consists of constant and unbearable pain in the joints. Sometimes the pain becomes so strong, that it is necessary to resort to very powerful drugs to control it. If you suffer from this evil, you know what we are referring to. Arthritis is caused by wear and tear of bone cartilage. The function of these is to allow smooth movement of the bones. In addition, it ...
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Here’s How To Remove All The Toxins Stored In Your Fat Cells!

Excess weight gain is a serious aesthetical and health problem that can cause high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The body may store toxins in the excess visceral fat, which can result in serious diseases. What are toxins accumulated in fat cells? The Environmental Protection Agency conducted a study in the 80s which found that human fat cells contain traces of 4 solvents and a dioxin as well. 90% of the fat cells also contained 3 more dioxins and 0 ...
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Laurel is an ingredient that we probably all have at home. It’s mostly used as a spice in the kitchen in various dishes. The laurel leaves are actually the ones that are used, but did you know which benefits it can have on your organism and how important it is for your fitness? These amazing leaves have been used for the preparation of a medicinal oil which can be used to treat various health issues! Benefits of laurel leaves: They clean the colon. They ...
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3 Easy Drink Recipes That Clear Sinuses and Destroy Throat Inflammation Right Now!!!

The winter season normally brings about colds and flu which seem to cause unpleasant symptoms. Fortunately, there are some secret natural remedies that help you fight colds and phlegm, and subdue the sinuses. Therefore, nest time the sniffles come on, you must try these 3 amazing recipes and restore your health! The Raw Deal Tea Ingredients: 1 pinch cinnamon ¼ teaspoon ground turmeric ½ teaspoon finely grated ginger 1 teaspoon lemon juice ½ tsp raw honey ½ tbsp apple cider vinegar Add in 1 drop of colloidal silver Fin the case of ...
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6 Exercises For Lasting Lower Back Pain Relief

There’s nothing like a bit of back pain to make it hard to get up in the morning.If you’ve experienced it before, you’re not alone: it’s estimated that 80% of people experience back pain at some point in their lives. And yet, this chronic issue is typically treated with a regime of hot pads and ibuprofen. But these little treatments only halt the symptoms, meaning that you’re bound to experience more pain throughout the day.
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This Is The Most Powerful Natural Antibiotic Ever – Literally Kills Any Infections In The Body

For centuries back, when medications were not available, people treated countless diseases with one powerful and natural remedy. This pure antibiotic, antiseptic and anti-fungal warrior keeps your health optimal and takes care of proper blood circulation, while killing off bacteria and germs. We present the one and only- Apple Cider Vinegar! The benefits By using ACV as a tonic your will gain many benefits health-wise and strengthen your immune system. Also, ACV can cleanse the blood and keep you safe from viruses and ...
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How To Quickly Remove Uric Acid Crystallization From Your Body To Prevent Gout And Joint Pain

Gout is a metabolic disorder, a disease in which defective metabolism of uric acid causes arthritis, especially in the smaller bones of the feet, deposition of chalkstones, and episodes of acute pain. The result is swelling and stiffness, and in some cases, people feel severe pain and swelling that develops in just a few hours. The main reason for gout is the uric acid overload. It appears due to inefficient waste elimination or excessive creation of it. The uric acid is ...
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Drinking Water On Empty Stomach Immediately After Waking Up!

The Japanese have a habit of drinking water right after waking up in the morning. This has been a common practice in ancient times and became popular again around World War 2 after it was published in a Japanese newspaper. Scientists have confirmed that this practice offers numerous health benefits, as it prevents serious diseases, and treats: asthma, eye diseases, menstrual disorders, headaches, high cholesterol, body aches, heart issues, constipation, accelerated heartbeat, epilepsy, diabetes, bronchitis, TB, meningitis, kidney disease and urinary tract, ...
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Tea tree oil is one of the best natural cures a person would have. Also known as Melaleuca oil, the tea tree oil is collected from the Melaleuca alternifolia leaves. The secret behind its power and quality if often due to the fact that this oil consists of over 92 different components. Tea tree oil is mostly grown on the Northeast coast of New South Wales, Australia and to Southeast Queensland. When it first got discovered, by researcher Arthur Penfold in the 1920s, ...
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The Recommended Sleep Times According To The National Sleep Foundation

It’s very important for our body and mind to have a good night’s sleep. Our body needs time to restore all the systems and rest for a while. Still, there are many people with problems like insomnia which is an irregular sleeping pattern. Unfortunately, it can cause various illnesses to appear. The National Sleep Foundation claims that the number of sleeping hours which is recommended by experts mostly depends on the age factor. The quality of your sleep will create the ...
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12 Etiquette Rules That Everyone Need to Know

Good manners never go out of style, and we all enjoy meeting someone with neat, clean appearance, proper vocabulary, highly respectful person, with restrained emotions. Therefore, the following 12 etiquette manners are a must if you would like to be a person with good manners as well, as they will improve your social life, and make you one of the favorite people in the company: --    Do not talk or laugh loudly, and do not stare at people --    Polite men equally respect ...
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