Sun is a good source vitamin D and also can be easily found in milk, but there are a group of people who can’t afford them. Some of them are have sun allergies and some are intolerant to lactose. It’s good to know that those people have alternative to provide themselves with this vitamin. The lack of it can cause various illnesses like osteomalacia or rickets.

Fish, fresh or canned, is a good source of vitamin D. You will take 50% from delay needs of vitamin D just by eating one tuna sandwich. You should prefer tuna, salmon or sardine.

Mushrooms can produce vitamin D just like people. In industrial production they usually grow in dark. To produce vitamin D, they should grow in nature on sun light or have a special treatment in production line and grow under ultraviolet light. Always read the label of product and try to found rich in vitamin D mushrooms.

Orange juice is a new approach of getting the vitamin D. The newest studies show that fortification of orange juices with this vitamin gives good result as a supplement for people with milk allergy.

Eggs are source of vitamin D, but you should be careful with them. The vitamin is in a yolk, so you should eat whole egg, not just the withes. With the yolk come 200 milligrams of cholesterol.

Organic meat is full of vitamins and proteins. This means that you can eat meat from grass-fed beef to supply yourself with vitamin D and a dose of proteins, but you should always check the label for quality mark.

So, if you are having some skin condition or you are just lactose intolerant, eat fish, mushrooms, eggs, organic meat and drink orange juice.

P.S. Always check the label !