Beef contributes to a person’s daily protein intake. But most cuts have saturated fat that can take a toll on one’s health, affecting their heart. So the best choice will be to choose lean ground beef to make the utmost of the nutritional benefits without fat.

A Close Look at the Various Health Benefits

If you choose 96 lean ground beef, you can reap the following health benefits,

  • Iron- Lean ground beef will increase your iron intake, a nutrient that is essential for healthy RBC. Red blood cells need hemoglobin which is iron having pigment protein which gives the red color to the blood and carries oxygen. Lack of iron can result in anemia. Lean beef can offer the right amount of iron to the body which is essential especially for women.
  • Vitamin B12- Lean beef contains vitamin B-12 that again helps in the production of RBC, playing a pivotal role in hemoglobin synthesis. Besides it also affects the other tissues, aiding in protein and fat metabolism and facilitating the neurological function. A slice of lean roast beef will offer 1.4 micrograms vitamin B12. For that richer source, it is highly recommended to take 96% lean ground beef that will provide 2.2 micrograms vitamin B12.
  • Coenzyme Q10- There cannot be a better source for coenzyme Q10 than lean ground beef. Coenzyme Q10 helps in protecting the cells against the harmful free radicals that are created as the by-product of the environmental toxins and metabolism thereby preventing damage to the cell membranes, DNA and proteins. Besides, it works wonders in supporting the metabolism, the mitochondria, in fact, the batteries which produce energy for powering the cells. Though the human body produces the coenzyme Q10 for meeting its requirements but adding lean beef to the diet will increase the nutrient intake.

Serving Tips and Considerations

The best step will be to experiment with some fresh seasonings to add flavor to the lean beef without adding salt or saturated fat. You can marinate it in garlic and olive oil for a sumptuous flavorful taste. Besides you can season it using cracked pepper and lime juice. You can broil, roast or grill the lean beef as per your choice and interest. Do not fry as it may destroy the coenzyme 10 partially. Though lean beef provides beneficial nutrients but avoid consuming in plenty for best results. Always consume it in moderation to stay in the pink of health.

The best part about consuming lean ground beef is it is without artificial ingredients and additives which means you can take pleasure of the perfect balance of nutrition and taste. Overall, lean beef can offer you a good source of protein, vitamin B12, zinc, phosphorus, selenium, niacin, iron, vitamin B6 and riboflavin. Each of these nutrients plays a pivotal role in the human body. Post removing the surplus fat in the beef if any, use healthy cooking methods to make the most of it. The leanest beef cuts are ones that have “round” or “loin” in its name.