Almost all the women in the world are facing the problems with cellulite. It’s not a pretty view! The “orange-looking” skin in the beginning is just esthetic problem, but later it can give you even pain when you touch it. Beside the creams and masks that you apply on the skin from outside to get rid of the cellulite, you can work from inside by following these advices:

#1 Drink a lot of liquids, at least 2 l per day. The best is clear water. Pure and simple, it helps in process of changing substances so it washes away the toxins from your body.

#2 To keep the purifying effect of the water in your system longer, replace some quantities of coffee and alcohol with herbal teas. One of the best herbs against cellulite is hives. It helps in detoxification and encourages circulation.

#3 Try to eat healthier food like fish, vegetables, fruits and reduce or avoid to eat a lot of meat with fat and simple carbohydrates, which are actually responsible for appearance of cellulite. This kind of nutrition will reduce cellulite, but also will give other health benefits.

#4 Eat food rich with vitamin C, potassium and sulfate. They help in removal of harmful substances from the body. You can find them fruit and vegetables juices, in bananas, black beans, oranges, peaches, cherries, etc.

#5 Avoid too salty or too spice food. Especially the salt will keep the toxins in your body longer. The quantities of salt that our bodies need are already in the food’s products. Use salt as less as you can, just to spice a little bit the meals.

#6 Give yourself treatments for detoxification. Purifying the body from inside by consuming a lot of hives tea, dried plums, flax oil and wheat germs and from outside with sweating from workout and using the steam bath and sauna. Also spend some time in the nature to “fill” yourself with oxygen.

#7 Massage the parts with cellulite with home massager or go to salon with professional massager. The cellulite is under 3-5 mm from the surface of the skin, so the massages must not be painful. With the massages the circulation of blood and lymph is better, so the cellulite is “wash away”.

#8 Relax ! It’s scientifically approved that stress can give you a lot of health problems, among the others, it produce more cellulite. Try to have at least 1 hour per day for yourself, reading a book, eating fruit salad, drink a tea or any other activity that make you happy.