Autumn is a time for healing the damage skin from hot summer and preparation for cold winter. To get a perfect result you must use the following products:

Scrub crèmes will make your skin smooth and silky, tender on touch, and by the way, it will remove the dead skin cells and dirt. You skin will breathe and it will be prepared to absorb all the quality products that you put on it.

Serums are special products for care of your face. They have more specific function like revitalization, protection, moisture the skin, but with more deep impact. They should be used before day or night crème.

Crèmes will protect and hydrate your skin during the day and night. You should use quality products which will match your skin type and skin condition. Autumn has a lot of windy days, so one of the most important roles of the day crème is to protect your skin from drying.

Face Masks are the finishing touch of all facial treatments. They will supply your face with the additional moisture and vitamins, so make yourself a habit to use a face mask once a week.

Don’t forget to buy crèmes with UVA and UVB protection and to drink a lot of water although is autumn.

        If you follow those rules your skin will be thankful !