Patients with any kind orthodontic equipment should maintain cleaning their teeth multiple times a day. Situations inevitably come up when you are on the go and need to freshen up. Be ready and give your teeth care — store portable pieces of stuff in a suitcase, purse, backpack or school locker. When treatment is over, you will be astonished in your healthy and beautiful smile. Here are the six essential pieces of stuff to bring and its benefits in cleaning your teeth while you are on the go.


Water is generally known as a liquid that relieves dehydration. But in cleaning your teeth, water assists in washing away bacteria that aids prevent cavities and staining. It also prevents the bad breath bacteria from forming. It provides a good source of fluoride which helps strengthen the entire tooth structure, making it more resistant to decay.

After eating or drinking sugary and acidic beverages, give your mouth a thorough rinse with water. Swish it around to get rid of traces of food particles and drinks. Water may be not as good as brushing teeth, but it helps to lessen the decay-causing acidity in your mouth that can eat away enamel. Water helps wash away bacteria from your mouth. It helps prevent cavities and staining. It also prevents the bad breath bacteria from forming. It provides a good source of fluoride which helps strengthen the entire tooth structure, making it more resistant to decay.

2. A toothbrush

Even in the absence of a toothpaste, brushing eliminates food and plaque which keeps your teeth healthy. In addition to that, it prevents your teeth from having poor dental health that can often be extremely costly, which is why it is profitable to brush your teeth correctly both in the morning and at night.

A travel toothbrush is much more handy to bring than the regular toothbrush. But if you prefer to carry the full-sized toothbrush or the electric toothbrush. We won’t argue with you in that.

3. An interdental brush

It is an extraordinary tiny tool. It is a small and exceedingly light to carry along. Use it to reach food that has stuck around brackets, in between teeth and around gums.

Using an interdental brush is a useful technique in scraping off plaque and food particles that can not be achieved by just brushing. This brush can be used multiple times but should replace it when the bristles have worn or if the wire is bent.


You may acquire a keen appreciation for your interdental brush that you continue using it after you complete your orthodontic treatment.


  1. Floss

Floss is also used in cleansing between your teeth, the space between the archwire and the teeth, and especially under the gumline.

If you have braces, make sure a floss threader is stored in with your floss. It helps to prevent gum disease by getting rid of pieces of food particles and bacteria that deposit from between your teeth where a toothbrush cannot easily reach. A bonus: minty floss freshens breath, too.

  1. A Mirror

Brushing or flossing your teeth in front of a mirror might seem like an easy and effortless step, but it is one that can maintain your teeth in looking and feeling great. Carrying a pocket mirror with you can be handy when you brush. It will reveal whether anything unwanted is still there. If you do not have a pocket mirror, you can use the selfie camera in your smartphone as an alternative.

  1. Toothpaste

Toothpaste with fluoride is most of the significant step of proper hygiene in achieving healthy oral care. Fluoride resists tooth decay and helps strengthen weak spots.

Travel-sized tubes of toothpaste are convenient in your on the go pieces of stuff in cleaning your teeth.

You might want to consider these “nice-to-haves” too according to an Orthodontist South Carolina too.

Orthodontic wax – if a bracket or wire irritates a sore spot, wax immediately puts a stop to the irritation. This thing is especially helpful for those who just started their orthodontic treatments like braces. However, be sure that when you apply an orthodontic wax, remove it before you brush your teeth.

Over-the-counter pain relievers – Acetaminophen or ibuprofen are excellent pain relievers to have on hand, for you to take it in case you need it. Also, these are the most common meds to-go-to when it comes to different kinds of pain.

A bit of additional effort at home and away develops big dividends in shaping your new brilliant smile! So don’t hesitate in spending a couple of bucks in a product that won’t let you down.


Being a busy person also means that you need to have things that will not compromise your hygiene — especially that you’re a person who’s always on the go. Having these things that were mentioned above will not only improve your oral hygiene but will also increase your confidence by getting that perfect smile.

Sometimes, you don’t really need products that are expensive and luxurious to make sure it works perfectly for you. There are even affordable ones that offer superb quality when it comes to oral protection. Whether you’re a businessman or an adventurer, getting one that will ensure your brightest smile wherever you go is one of the wisest decision you’ll ever make.