If you want to have perfect butt like Brazilian women, don’t go to Rio! Try these 5 exercises to tone and lift your butt. Every women can find for herself little time to do this 5 minutes workout and get amazing butt contour.

Exercise No1 PLIE

    • stand with feet wider with the toes turned out, arms next to the body
    • lower your body down, but the knees must not pass the line of toes
    • while lowering your body down, in the same time, rise your arms in front of your body with the palms down
    • get back in the start position
    • do 20 reps

Exercise No2 TOUCHDOWN

      • stand straight with feet point forward
      • squat down until the knees are bent 90°
      • with the right leg step back and the left arm touch the floor
      • right arm point forward in front of the face
      • return in the starting position and do it with different leg and arm
      • do 20 reps


    • right leg put forward and bend knee 90° in the line with feet and in the same time left leg stretch back and put the arms on hips
    • when ready, jump up and switch the legs in the air
    • do 20 reps


    • stand strait and put a towel under the left leg
    • put all the weigh of your body on right leg and bend down knee up to 90°
    • with the left leg slid the towel left and count of 4, than slid back, reps 6
    • straightened and do the same thing with the other leg


    • stand strait with arms next to your body
    • squat down
    • lift left leg behind you and arms in front of you in the same time
    • return ans change legs.
    • do 20 reps

If you feel a burning sensation in your butt, you are doing exercises correctly. In that moment it’s very important not to give up, because then muscles are actually working. Try to do found this 5 minutes at least 4 times per week for 2 months and see yourself in the mirror with Brazilian butt !