When we talk about healthy chocolate, we mean DARK CHOCOLATE. There are still dilemma about its status of healthy food, but the last scientific researches show that chocolate is a heart-healthy choice.
The main ingredient in a chocolate is cocoa that comes from 3 types of cocoa trees. They have cocoa beans that are originally white, but in the drying process become brownish. One cocoa bean has 30-50 large seeds. Although the origin of cocoa trees is America, the main producer in our days is Africa. To grow they need hot and rainy tropical areas.

Where the health benefits of chocolate come from?

Rich with antioxidants procyanidins and flavonoids, you will get fighter against free radical in your cells. This is important for the condition of your skin and they give to chocolate anti-aging properties.

The antioxidant flavanols in cocoa beans also have effects as a reducer of cell damages in your heart. They keep your heart away from heart diseases.

Flavanols is linked to cardiovascular health benefits like lowering blood pressure and improve function of vascular system. The 15-year research published in Archives of Internal medicine show 50% less mortality by cardiovascular diseases by consuming small amount of dark chocolate per day.

It will require additional research for proving impact of cocoa on reducing diabetes risk. It’s worth to try in combination with black beans, that is also protector from diabetes type 2.

Recommended quantities for daily consume.

Choose a dark chocolate rich in cacao at least 65 % for about maximum 85 gr. (3 ounces) per day. Don’t forget, chocolate is rich in calories and 100 gr have about 450 cal. Commercial milk chocolates have fats and sugar in them and less percentage of cocoa, so try to avoid them. If you are on a diet, be aware of calories.

Here is our recipe proposal for healthy sweet with chocolate.