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Include Cashew Nuts in Your Daily Diet and See What Happens to Your Overall Health

Being one of the most popular ingredients in different kinds of recipes around the world, cashew nuts are packed with nutrients very beneficial for your overall health. Health benefits Although they are high in calories, cashews are an excellent fat burning food that boost metabolism due to the fact that they are rich with soluble dietary fiber. We recommend that you also learn how to boost your metabolism with these healthy foods Cashews are also a great source of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and various ...
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20 Ways to Get Rid of Inflammation and Joint Pain

Inflammation causes both acute and chronic pain. Understanding what inflammation means is of key importance in reducing it, and thus improving your health condition. The world of medicine understands two types of inflammation: Primary and Secondary. The first step of understanding the difference between these is the first step of the treatment. Primary inflammation is a natural process in the human body.It involves removing toxins and rebuilding cells. It occurs every day, and does not cause pain; it is just your ...
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Ginger is a part of the natural medicine for centuries. In fact, this powerful root is used to treat many diseases because of its numerous medicinal properties. Even modern science has recognized the health benefits that ginger provides. Among long list of healthy nutrients (which we explained in our previous posts) ginger also contains gingerol and UV protection ingredients which provide a whole circle of anticancer compounds, as found in a study published in the Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology. ...
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Do you suffer from chronic pain in your heels? How to heal it naturally from home

Have you been experiencing pain in your heel? You might be suffering from a heel spur, which sometimes manifests as the feeling of a pin sticking into the bottom of the foot after long periods of sitting or lying down and later dulls into an achy pain, says WebMD. But sometimes, a heel spur has no symptoms and is only detectable on an x-ray. A heel spur is a build-up of calcium, which causes a protrusion on the underside of the heel bone. ...
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5 Most Effective Ways Get Rid of Unwanted Hair

Although it’s quite normal to have some hair all over your body, having it on visible areas like arms, legs, face and back can seriously undermine a woman’s self-esteem. There are various cosmetic techniques that remove unwanted hair successfully, including waxing, laser hair removal, and electrolysis, but these can be unaffordable to some. Plus, these cosmetic procedures are more painful and aggressive and can lead to swelling, redness, and scarring of the skin. Skin discoloration, especially noticeable in people with ...
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4 Natural Remedies to Treat Joint Pain Fast

Think about all the stress your joints go through on a daily basis. Bending, squatting, lifting, and even just walking can all put quite a bit of strain on the various joints of your body. It’s no surprise, then, that joint pain and arthritis are so common in much of the population. Medications that treat this pain are often ineffective or full of side effects. Instead, learn more about natural remedies that can get rid of your joint pain. Causes of ...
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Avocado Super Smoothie Recipe

Smoothies are an easy way to add valuable nutrition to your diet when you’re short on time. But even if you have all the time in the world, smoothies are still an excellent choice, as you can throw together a complete balanced meal brimming with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and, if you try the recipe that follows, even healthy fats. This avocado super smoothie recipe, which is adapted from one posted by the Little Epicurean,1 works great for breakfast (and is a far healthier choice than cereal, ...
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8 Simple Ways You Can Increase Mobility, Reduce Joint Pain, And Promote Healthy Circulation

We all know the importance of working out regularly, and keeping your heart strong. Exercising helps prevent high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, depression, certain cancers, arthritis, stroke, and metabolic syndrome. They also help control weight, improve mood, boost energy, promote sleep, and boost libido. But… After a long day at work, it’s hard to convince yourself to leave the comfort of home to get some much needed exercise. The gym is expensive, and the sun may set by the time you ...
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This Is What Happens To Your Body Just 10 Hours After Putting On Nail Polish

Even the most health-conscious people can fail to consider how nail polish is affecting their bodies. But a recent study found that many of the most popular nail polish brands in America are much more harmful than they would seem. What The Research Shows Researchers recently tested for signs of chemical toxins in 24 women participating in their study. They found evidence of toxins in the bodies of every single woman. What was the source of these chemicals? Nail polish. The results ...
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Get Rid of Foot Pain in Minutes With These 6 Effective Stretches

We are all aware of the fact that our bones are connected to one another in the body, and thus, the pain in one area may lead to issues in others as well. For instance, the pain which originates in the foot actually causes pain in the leg. There are numerous reasons, over 25, for the pain felt in the feet, like bunions, corns, heel spurs, arthritis, athlete’s foot, overlapping toes, and ingrown toenails, and all of them lead to ...
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Morning Elixir – Warm Water With Lemon And Turmeric For Health Maintenance And Prevention Of Disease

“When I was a child, every time I had a cold my mother prepared me a cup of hot milk with turmeric. The turmeric would warm my throat and strengthen my body, and I wished I could drink this elixir every day during winter. Now when turmeric’s effects are known, why don’t I add it to my drinks every day?” Tejal Patel wonders. I’m a vegan now, so I don’t like the option of milk with turmeric. Turmeric in hot water ...
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6 Plants Other Than Cannabis That are High in Healing Cannabinoids

Cannabis is not the only plant that contains medically beneficial cannabinoids, although it has driven the research to understand the powerful therapeutic properties of these plant compounds. In actuality, there are several plants that are also rich in cannabinoids and benefit the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for helping the body maintain internal balance, or homeostasis, which is needed for attaining optimum health. To expand our understanding of cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system, scientists and botanists are exploring the prevalence of cannabinoids in many plants ...
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Make This Juice – If You Are Suffering From Bad Cholesterol And Excess Weight

In addition to lowering levels of bad fat in the body, this magic potion cleans the body of toxins and improve circulation and metabolism.Parsley proved to be an excellent tool in stimulating the secretion of harmful substances from our organism and better circulation. If the miraculous add parsley and lemon, water and a little baking soda and grapefruit, we will have a miraculous potion that reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the blood! Ingredients: 1.5 liters of water, 3 ties parsley 1 kg ...
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How To Relieve Your Sinus Infection In Under 30 Seconds

Especially during allergy season, I wake up daily so stuffed up. I can’t breathe through my nose, my eyes itch, and it’s all around not a very fun experience. A few years ago, I stumbled upon this method to relieve sinus congestion. Of course, this alone won’t fix the problem permanently. Kicking up the spicy food in your life and drinking lots of pure water will help relieve sinus congestion as well. Here’s my method: Push your tongue against the roof of ...
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The Hidden Muscle Causing Your Sciatica Pain And 2 Easy Stretches For Instant Relief

Sciatica is a painful condition felt on the lower back, as a result of a pinched nerve. It is a common issue, and it leads to unbearable pain and mobility issues. In the most severe cases, sciatica pain may cause numbness in the upper part of the thighs, loss of bladder or bowel control, and progressive weakness of the lower extremities. Namely, the sciatic nerve is the longest body nerve, as it starts at the lumbar (lower) part of the ...
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You’ll Never Clean The Inside of Your Ears Again After Reading This Article

People often swab their ears after taking a shower. But little do they know that human ears are not intended for cleaning. Our body has its own hygienic process for ears and when you swab your ears with cotton, you are actually disturbing the natural process of the body. Dangers of using cotton buds: Ear wax is the yellowish substance which you remove from ears with cotton buds. It is actually there for the protection of ears. Earwax has antibacterial and lubricating ...
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5 Reasons Why You Need To Do Cupping

Many people do not know that cupping therapy can have many benefits and can help in the treatment of different diseases?People use cupping for thousands of years. Even though people associate cupping with Traditional Chinese Medicine, in the past the entire world used it and it was familiar with this type of therapy. Cupping actually pulls the blood to a region in order to heal it. It is very effective at stretching tight muscles and fascia. Cupping can help the tissue ...
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Plantar Fasciitis or Jogger’s Heel. How to Get Rid of The Pain in The Heel

Not long ago, my mother in law was faced with a rather widespread problem – intolerable pain in the heel or popularly said she had a “plantar fasciitis” or “jogger’s heel “. What is plantar fasciitis? Plantar fasciitis (jogger’s heel) – Calcar calcaneal – is a structural break down of the heel bone usually facing downwards, it is considered that this reactive formation of the bone appears due to chronic mechanical overload, and due to a irritation that happened while ...
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