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How to Prepare Super-Easy Honey Water to Benefit in Multiple Ways

Last year I lost 27 pounds without a diet but by drinking a lot of water. My immune system was defeated as a result of that. I was struggling with anaemia, iron deficiency, lack of energy and vertigo. Probably it would not have come to an end if it wasn’t for my neighbour who is a fitness and Zumba trainer that advised me to recover my immune system with honey water. It is a tip so simple and quick that ...
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How to lose 10 pounds in one week

Who doesn’t want to lose weight fast? We are all obsessed with this diet, that diet, trying to eathealthy and exercising. Some of us are dedicated enough to shed those extra pounds that keep bothering us in a healthy and patient manner, while others like to see fast results when it comes to weight loss. People often resort to crash dieting when going for quick weight loss results, like losing 10 pounds in one week. While such results can be achieved ...
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