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Chestnut – 4 Reasons Why You Should Eat Them

Winter is coming and time for chestnuts is here! The smell of roasted chestnut is irresistible and there is no man on earth that can pass by them without buying. Not only for the incredible taste and smell, but for their healthy benefit we should consume them. #1 For pregnant women – rich in folic acid    The richness of folic acid in chestnuts is beneficiary for baby's nervous system. Consuming folic acid increases the chances of conception and contributes to proper ...
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Healthy Recipes – Squid with Potatoes and Vegetables

Sea food is source of omega 3 fats and always good to consume. Fish and other sea food are recommended to be consuming at least 3 times per week. Their healthy impact on your body will be notes. You will fell more heather, vital, energetic and with more strength. Especially your heart will be thankful to you for cleaning vascular system of triglycerides and bad cholesterol. This recipe is easy to make, tasty to mouth and good to eyes. Try ...
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How to Make Alkaline Water – Protect against Cancer

Acidity and alkalinity are measured in Ph-factor. If the Ph-factor is 7.00, it’s considered to be neutral like rain water. Everything under 7.00 is acidic and everything over 7.00 is alkaline.Human body has different Ph-factor in different body parts and organs. For example our skin has 5.5 Ph-factor and that is good in fight against various bacteria and viruses, our digestive system has Ph-factor form 1.5 up to 7.0 depending of faze of digest. When we are healthy, our blood ...
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Enjoyment With the Fruit of the Autumn

In the rainy autumn days, here is something to lift you up! You can enjoy in wonderful pears in many ways and this recipe is one of them. Prepare the pie in the morning and eat piece of it with glass of wine in the evening with your friends or with cup of coffee in the weekend mornings. Ingredients: 4 big pears (peeled them and removed the seeds) 190 gr flour 180 gr. butter 100 gr brown sugar 3 big eggs vanilla fruit 40 gr milk 6 gr baking ...
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Omelet in the Sandwich – Easy Idea

We never think about omelet as a part of a sandwich, but it's unusual idea and very interesting. This could easy be work sandwich prepare in a few minutes and enjoy later during working hours. If you use healthy ads in omelet, the sandwich will be beneficial for your health, too. We recommended ingredients like spinach and mozzarella. Ingredients: 2 eggs 1 egg white 1 tbsp fat-free milk salt & pepper ¼ tsp of hot pepper sauce 1 red bell pepper, cut in small pieces ½ small onion, ...
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Healthy Potato Slices with Herbs

This is very interesting recipe with multiply function: healthy and decorative! In markets we find packages of potatoes, but all of them are frayed in lot of oils. They are full of bad fats. To avoid all of this and to even increase healthy benefits, we recommend this incredible combination of potato and herbs. Ingredients: potatoes various fresh herbs salt little oil Preparation: peel and cut in potatoes in very thin slices. Put them on paper to dry out. on a tin put the baking paper, brush with ...
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How Synthetic Multivitamins have Impact on Your Health

Problem: According University of Minnesota, multivitamins are not so healthy as advertises say. The shocking study was published in Archives of Internal Medicine. The research concludes that women who take multivitamins on delay basis have 6% more mortality! People think that superior answer of being health is taking multivitamins in form of pills, but this study denies it. There is a problem in multivitamin pills, especially when include vitamins A, C and E. The believe that those pills with these vitamins will ...
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