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Breakfast is Not Only in the Plate !!!

More and more popular in Europe! It's like a wave of popularity, everybody these days take easy meal in glass. Even big and small markets use this wave and make instant breakfast in plastic glasses with various types of flakes and dry fruits. You can take this and just add milk or yogurt depends on your taste. But not every salesman or producer is honest enough and put high quality ingredients in them. To be sure of the quality and freshness ...
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Lorraine Pascale Salad with Pan-Fried Pear and Gorgonzola

Lorraine Pascale is one of my favorite chefs. I want to present one of her best creation: salad recipe with interesting combination of ingredients. The salty and the sweet, warm and cold  ingredients mix together make this salad interesting to taste, so do not pass this: Ingredients: 10 ounce of baby arugula (or other green salad) 16 slices of pancetta 4 pears, peeled and cut into big pieces 6 ounces gorgonzola 3 tbsp unsalted butter 1 tbsp vegetable oil 2 tbsp pine nuts, toasted 3 tbsp honey 3 tbsp balsamic ...
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Sweet Summer Love – Strawberry – Mango Smoothie

Strawberries and mango are both full of antioxidants and a good fighter against cancer. If you combine them, you will get a smoothie with incredible color and taste. Make it and consume for breakfast or to amaze your guests as a refreshing with ice-cubes in hot summer days.   Ingredients (1 person): 5 large strawberries 1 mango (peeled and cut in pieces) 1 banana (peeled and cut in pieces) 1 cup of coconut milk (or regular cow milk and 1 tsp of coconut flour) Preparation: Put all the ...
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Chicken Burgers with Healthy Avocado Sauce

Everybody wants burgers, so it is a real challenge to find a healthy one!  If you are a vegetarian, we can offer you a burger without meat in this link. But if you want meat in burgers and to be healthy, we can offer you this incredible combination of chicken and avocado. Avocado has amazing healthy benefits for our body . The Mexican people use it in their burritos, but it can be used in burgers too.    Ingredients (2 persons): 500 gr ...
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