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Eat Melon and Keep Your Figure in Shape

One of the most popular fruit for summer is melon. The low calorie, the large percentage of water and the richness of vitamins and minerals make it perfect for diet. 100 grams of melon has 91 grams of water and 1/3 of daily recommended dose of vitamin C. Melon has many positive impacts on our health: • Vitamins A and C in it are antioxidants which protect our body from cardiovascular diseases and aging • Water and potassium in it induce kidneys to ...
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Healthy Smoothie Recipe – Chia-peach-oat

This recipe contains two ripe peaches, frozen banana adds sweetness and texture, and orange juice adds a bit of tartness, but the STAR ingredient is chia seeds! They make it gel up a bit and thicken, plus add a ton of health benefits. This smoothie is sweet, slightly tart, thick and creamy and super satisfying for breakfast or a snack.  Ingredients: 2 ripe peaches (peeled) ½ frozen banana (before peeled) 1 tbsp chia seeds ¼ cup oats (gluten free) ¼ fresh orange juice ½ cup almond milk 1 ...
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Healthy Benefits of Chia Seeds – Health in a Little Grain

Chia seeds are loaded with nutrients that can have important benefits for your body and brain. They are produced most in Mexico and Guatemala, but also in Paraguay and Bolivia. Chia seeds were an important food for the Aztecs and Mayans, so why shouldn’t they be for you? Because of their healthy benefits, chia seeds are in expansion all over the World. You can found them in every big market or healthy food stores, packed in bags. #1 Omega3 : the ...
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Recipe for Tomato Juice

Juice that will lift you up! When you think that you cannot get more from a drink, hear is this surprising smoothie of tomatoes. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and in combination with lemon, you will get vitamin C bomb. Ingredients: 150 ml tomato strained tomatoes 100 ml fresh squeezed lemon juice 600 ml spring water (some quantity in ice cube) 100 ml crème 50 gr fructose Preparation: Put all the ingredients in a shaker and mix for a few minutes. When it is well chilled and ...
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#8 Ways How to Protect Your Skin in Summer Days

We all love to enjoy in sun, beach and sea. Summer days make us happy and the sun make us to smile. If you are exposed on a sun, no matter if you are in a bathing suit on a beach or your work place is outdoor, you must protect yourself. Although we cannot live without sun, the “bad sun-rays” contribute to growing number of cases of skin cancer. Here are some tips and advice how to protect yourself in ...
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Healthy Sandwich Recipes with Tuna

Our suggestion for meal during holidays: sandwich with proteins for breakfast or easy lunch! All you need is a good quality bread to make the taste perfect. With a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice, this is a perfect start of a day. By the way, you will have benefit for your health using tuna which is full of omega 3 fats. Ingredients (2 persons): 2 round flat-bread (cut in half) 200 gr canned tuna 100 gr fresh cucumber (cut in pieces) 2 eggs (cut ...
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Sensational Smoothie – Enjoy with Your Friends

Interesting combination for a smoothie, perfect fresh look and taste and benefit for your health: it's a good combination of vitamins and minerals. With this drink with orange juice full of vitamin C and cucumber, which is full of minerals, you will get a perfect healthy refreshing drink during for summer days. Above all, the hot taste of ginger  will make it perfect and it will speed your metabolism to make you fit. Drink it fresh squeezed and chilled with ...
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Raspberry Summer Refreshing Cocktail

It is not easy to find low-calorie refreshing drinks in summer in markets or cafes. Usually they have sugar in them and artificial colors and flavors. To get a healthy, sugar and calorie free drink, you should make an effort and make it by yourself! Here is one really easy recipe with raspberries. Ingredients: 1 cup fresh raspberries (or frozen if you can find fresh) ¼ cup of organic raspberries juice 2 cups of mineral water (or seltzer) Little of fresh mint leaves Ice-cubs Preparation: In a bowl ...
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Interesting Combination for Fruit Salad

Sometimes we think that some combinations of ingredients are inappropriate and the result will be plate with no taste. But you will know for sure only if you try! Never troy away an idea before you makes and tastes the recipe. Here is one fruit salad as a combination of cherries with tropical fruits. Ingredients: (quantities as you wish) cherries (without seeds) bananas kiwis coconut flour lemon juice Preparation: In one bowl put the wash and cut in half cherries Add peeled and cut in pieces bananas Add peeled and ...
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