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Sangria in the Summer – Refreshing Cocktail

Looking for inspiration on webs, I found this incredible cocktail with wine that I couldn’t resist. Although very simple to prepare, it’s with taste to remember. All you have to do is to buy fresh fruits and quality white wine (sangria). Ingredients: 1 cup blueberries 1 cup od sliced strawberries 1 cup of pineapple cut into shape of stars 1 liter dry white wine (sangria) 1 cup of  fresh lemon juice ½ cup simple syrup Preparation: In the 4 big glasses or 1 big jug (as you wish) put ...
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Wanders of Watermelon – 8th Healthy Benefits

The watermelon is very often use as a refreshing fruit during summer days. Cooled and cut in pieces with cheese and basil is real fiesta for warm days next to the pool, sea or ocean. But on the other hand, eating watermelons we help ourselves in many ways by using healthy benefits of them. Surprisingly, they are more then we imagine…. One cup of watermelon has only 43 calories and 0 fats. It also contains 2 gr sodium, 11 gr carbohydrate ...
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The Original Pesto Recipe from Genoa by “Two Greedy Italians”

The recipe for pesto sauce is one of the most famous in the World. You can find it in the markets ready to use, but it is a privilege to make it by you self in the traditional way. Here is the original recipe presented by two world’s class chefs Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo. The pesto sauce originates form Genoa, the Liguria region in the North Italy. It can be used with various type of pasta, but also you ...
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Easy Dessert Ideas – Dessert with Style

It's hard to find healthy dessert with no sugar or other unhealthy ingredients. This recipe was revelation for me and fulfilled all my expectations because it's has figs and maple syrup  instead sugar. Try it, you will not regret it.   Ingredients: pack of  puff pastry (integral dough) 10 big fresh figs 25 gr of butter 1 vanilla bean ¼ cup of maple syrup little fresh rosemary ¼ cup of milk Preparation: Cut the puff pastry in the circle shape (or other shape as you wish), as many as possible. Put them ...
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Easy Recipe For Chicken – Very Simple Very Taste

Very often we experience that simple things are the most beautiful ones. This recipe is one example of that statement: very simple preparation of chicken in healthy manners with spices and provide your body with proteins for gaining some muscles. Even if you are on a diet (that not exclude proteins), this chicken cam be part of your meals.  Ingredients:  1 chicken (1 kg) 50 gr of butter Spices like parsley, rosemary, basil Salt & pepper Preparation: Mix ½ of the butter with spices Brush all chicken with ...
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Probiotic- Fundamental in Battle against Candida (The Americans Parasite)

Healthy benefits from probiotics are well known. But here are some explanations about how we can consume them and what will happen to our body. Our digestive system has a balance of “good” bacteria and “bad”. This balance is 80:20 and should be consistent all the time. By eating unhealthy food we are destroying this balance letting the “bad” bacteria to grow in significantly large number and overtake our digestive system. Candida is a fungus with a mission to help digestion ...
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