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Healthy Breakfast in the Glass

When you think that all ideas are gone, this incredible recipe pop-up in front of your eyes and save the day! The melon season is coming up and the following recipe is wonderful example how you can use it as healthy but rich meal to keep up full until lunch. It’s easy to make and easy to take!  Ingredients: 1 small melon 2 bananas 2 tbsp of honey 5 tbsp of yogurt Fresh mint or other spice of your taste Preparation: Cut the melon on pieces, peel and ...
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Olive Salad – Fresh and Tasty

Olive oil and olives are joy for your heart. Instead of heavy breakfast, prepare this fast and fresh salad with various types of olives and enjoy with the piece of toasted bread. Cheese in it will keep you full until lunch. Ingredients (2 person): 3 tomatoes (if you use cherry tomatoes then about 15) 1 big red onion 200 gr feta cheese 200 gr various type of olives salt&pepper 1 tsp dry oregano or parsley 2 tbsp olive oil Preparation: In big bowl put the cut on half cherry tomatoes. Add ...
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Irresistible Fresh Figs with Goat Cheese

Fresh or dried, the figs are irresistible. As a symbol of love, figs are always on a partners menu on intimate dinnars. On parties with friends, you can impress them with the plate of figs and goat cheese as a dessert full of combination tastes, vitamins and colors. Ingredients (4 person): 12 big figs 12 tsp soft goat cheese 12 tsp honey pepper Preparation: Wash well figs and cut on the top in the shape of cross Fill each fig with 1 tsp of cheese Pour each figs with ...
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Healthy Benefits of Sweet Potatoes + Excellent and Simple Recipe

Sweet potatoes are not only tasty, but good for our health too. They are very popular vegetable root with sweet taste although they do not belong to potato family. The origin of sweet potato is considered to be Central or South America. In our days, they are cultivated where the climate is warm and the regions have plenty of water. The largest production is in Papua New Guinea with 500kg/per capita and generally the largest amount of 105 million tons ...
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Recipes for Wonderful Vegetable Burger

If you wish to avoid meat and in the same time to have burgers for lunch, this recipe is perfect choice for you. To welcome spring, perches vegetables and follow the instruction for making this veg burgers. Ingredients: 500 gr young hive leafs 200 gr oat flakes 2 carrots (cooked) 1 egg 2 spring onions 1 spring garlic 100 gr flour (wheat) salt & pepper   Preparation: Young hive wash and cook in boil water for 3-4 minutes In big bowl put cooked hives cut in pieces, add broken oat flakes, carrots cut ...
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Dessert Recipes – Honey with Pumpkin – Pure and Simple

Here is one more way to enjoy in pumpkin! They are good as a pumpkin diet, as a part of 12 days protein diet, as a soup , as a cheesecake dessert, so here is pure and simple recipe for baked pumpkin with honey. Ingredients: butternut pumpkin (or other bake-able pumpkin) honey Preparation: Cut on half and remove the seeds from pumpkin. Cut the pumpkin on big pieces. Put the pieces of pumpkin on tin and bake on medium temperature until it's done. Put each piece on ...
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