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Mexican Healthy Salad with Mango and Avocado Dressing

For all lovers in Mexican food, here is one healthy recipe with avocado one of the super foods in the World. It's easy to make, delicious in taste and above all healthy for you. This salad is nice to have as a dinner meal because of its lightness for stomach. Ingredients (3 persons): Main ingredients: 300 gr chicken meat chopped on pieces and grilled (avoid to use oil) 1 lettuce (well washed and chopped) 200 gr black beans (cooked can) 1 bell pepper, chopped 1 fresh jicama ...
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Meal Full of Proteins – Portuguese Baked Eggs

We always try to eat healthy food and because of our perception of “healthy” we reject a lot off food which is actually good for us. Eggs are one of them. When we think of eggs, our mind is set to think that they are grease, have a cholesterol that they are bed for our health, ect. But the truth is that only if we eat big quantities of eggs, they can cause health problems. On the other hand, if we ...
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Pico De Gallo – Fresh Vegetable Mexican Salad

This is a traditional Mexican salad, but it can be found with some adjustment in many countries. All ingredients are fresh and healthy so the base of this salad is suitable for all people, vegetarians too. Pico De Gallo can be eaten with tacos in Mexican version of meal or with other main dishes like appetizer. For people on diet, this salad made by original recipe or with ads like cucumber and cheese, can be eaten like main meal. Ingredients (2 ...
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#7 Matcha Green Tea – The Japanese Powder of Health +Recipes!

The benefits of  green tea are endless. It is one of the world's superfood. The special kind of green tea is specific „matcha tea“. Matcha tea is green tea from Japan, from provincies Nishio and Uji. The characteristic method of production process was invented during dynasty Sung (960-1278). The production process starts 4 weeks before the first harvest when tea bushes are still protected from sun. The leaves are small and green and after drying, they are crushed in a stone ...
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4 Foods that You Should Never Eat!

We all knew the basic rules about food like not to eat processed food, foods with preservatives, eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy foods and drinks. Although one of the main rules is “do not eat can food, some canned or frozen foods are actually good and healthy like fast frozen vegetables or canned beans. Which food we should avoid? #1 Processed meat Hot dog, ham, sausages, pates and etc. are bad foods that you should avoid by any cause. ...
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Magic Drink Which Will Save You from Fats in Your Body

Probably you already try some healthy tips to get rid of your fats, but it is a question how much success you have. The level of “bad” cholesterol is hard to control. Well, I will suggest you to try the drink in following recipe. If nothing else, it is healthy to drink it because it’s full of vitamins. The ingredients in it have possibility to “melt” fats and to accelerate metabolism. Ingredients: 7 cup of water 1 cup of cranberry juice (without sugar) 3+1 ...
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