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Smell of Apple Pie in Your Home

Apples are one of the healthier fruit and food in general of the world. Beside fresh or as a juice , you can consume them in various type of apple pie. When you bake apple pie, the amazing smell spread all over the house, make it more irresistible. Ingredients: 1 pack (500gr.) of puff pastry 4 big apples 1 tbsp butter 4 tbsp fresh orange juice 2 tbsp honey ½ cup of cranberry ¼ cup of crushed almonds 1 tsp cinnamon 1 egg Preparation: On a pot put the butter and when ...
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One Apple per Day and You Don’t Need a Doctor!

Did you ever heir the famous quote: “One Apple per Day – You Don’t Need a Doctor”? This is the wisdom of our ancestors and we should practice it to stay healthier. But do we really make an effort to consume one apple per day? The fast life and lack of time make us eat more caloric fast food to satisfy our hunger and we always put away fruits and vegetables. Don’t do that anymore! Here are 10 reasons why we ...
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Free Radicals – Source of Cancer – How to Fight Them

There are numberless researches for cancer, how it occurs, how it develops in human organism, how it spreads, what is the reason for its existences, how to fight against cancer, ect. Here are some answers.... The human organism is in continuing fight against poisons, exterior influences and GMO food we consume. If you add stressful living - the picture is complete. The human body, no matter how perfect is build and have instruments to defend it selves, is vulnerable and we ...
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Stress – Reason for Getting Weight

If you are trying to lose weight and although you are doing everything right, the kilograms are still here, maybe the reason is stress. Stress affects us badly on various healthy issues. One of them is reducing the chances of weight loss. Here are the reasons: Stress cause false feeling of hunger. Hormones are responsible for the signal of hunger. Ghrelin is hormone of hanger and leptin is hormone of satiety. When our bodies are under stress, the level of ghrelin increases ...
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Christmas Tree with Spinach or Nuttela

Here is one wonderful inspiration for homemade pie in the form as Christmas Tree. It's easy to make and look very decorative on Christmas dinner table. Try this, you won't regret! Ingredients: 400 gr. flour (self raising or add yeast) 300 ml milk 100 ml oil 1 tbsp sugar 1 tbsp salt 200 gr. cream cheese 300 gr spinach (blanched) 1 egg (blended) Preparation: Mix dry ingredients in one bowl and add wet making batter. Divide the batter on 3 pieces. Mix together spinach and cream cheese. On a tin put a baking paper ...
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Teddy Bear for Sarah Anita

Here is one idea for cookies inspired by my friend Sarah Anita. Her wish for a teddy bear as a Christmas present, I try to fulfill through this interesting recipe. Ingredients: 2 ¼ cups of flour 1 tsp baking powder Pinch of salt ¾ cup of butter (room temperature) 1 cup sugar 1 egg 30 gr dark chocolate (grated) Preparation: Put the egg, butter and sugar in a bowl and mix them together until they combine well. Add flour, baking powder and salt and continue to mix. In a half of ...
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Traditional Winter Cake for Cold Days

In North Europe winter cake is traditional part of Christmas days and New Year Eve. Here is one simple and delicious cake which can stay fresh for few days. It’s goes perfect with hot tea or glass of white wine. Ingredients: 750 gr flour (5 ½ cups) ½ tbsp baking powder 3 eggs 180 gr sugar (1 ⅓ cup) 180 gr cold pressed oil (1 ⅓ cup) 7 tbsp Greek yogurt 350 gr dry fruits like cranberry, blueberry, plums and apricots (cut into small pieces) Pinch of salt ½ tbsp ...
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Amazing Christmas toast bread for children!

If you want to play and enjoy with your kids for Christmas, we propose this trick to make toast bread interesting. If you want to get the following result: , try this take how many toast bread you want and molds in different forms press the molds in the middle of the bread slices put the bread slices in the toast and bake until they become brownish put them in a plate and serve with butter, jam or whatever you want Your kids will enjoy!
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Do Not Put Yourself in a Position to Choose

The latest studies shows that people who are on a diets have more success if don't put their self in a position to be deprived from favorite food.     People get it all wrong! The study done by Nutrache, shows that 85% of people on diet are successful although they still enjoy in a chocolate or other cakes. Even more, people with biggest weight loss continue to eat the same quantities of chocolate. The nutritionist Jane Aylott said that many researches proved ...
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Stars – Irreplaceable Part of Your Christmas

As a part of every Christmas dinner table, stars are simple for making and tasty to be eaten. There are many recipes for them and here is our contribution. No matter which one you choose, don’t forget to make them! Ingredients: 600 gr (4 ½ cup) flour 100 gr (½ cup) ice-sugar (prefer brown) 400 gr (1 ½cup) butter (little more if you need) 4 tbsp blueberry jam 2 tbsp ice-sugar with cinnamon (you can avoid it) Preparation: Put the flour, sugar and butter in a bowl and ...
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Christmas Vanilla Cookies – They are Melting in the Mouth

Very tasty, they attract to be bite! Smell is incredible vanilla, soft to touch and they are melting in the mouth. Very merry cookies for Christmas. Ingredients: 450 gr. flour 240 gr. butter (room temperature) 200 gr. sugar (if you use brown, the color of cookies will be darker) 4 yolks 4 tbsp milk 80 gr. vanilla pudding powder 2 tbsp ice-sugar Preparation: Put the flour in a bowl and add butter, sugar, yolks, milk and pudding powder. Mix them in a batter. The batter will be very shiny yellow ...
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New Idea – Mozart Cookies for Christmas

If you want to make something different for Christmas, try these “Mozart” cookies with pistachios. They are perfect with sophisticated taste of almond, pistachios and room. Ingredients: for cookies 200 gr. +200 gr. flour 100 gr. almond (minced without skin) 100 gr. ice-sugar 100 gr. cold butter 1 egg 1 pinch of salt for crème: 100 gr. butter (room temperature) 75 gr. sugar 80 gr. non-salt pistachios (minced as powder if you can) 1 tbsp room (use the real room, not the aromas) Preparation: Put the flour in one bowl and add almond, ice-sugar, salt, ...
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Donnae Hay’s Molten Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cakes

Famous Australian Donnae Hay give this wonderful recipe which can be best describe by her own words: “ These fondant cakes are an absolute show-stopper and so simple to make.” We highly recommended to try it and enjoy in the molten peanut butter goodness. Ingredients (4 person): 200 gr. dark chocolate 100 gr. butter 2 eggs 2 yolks 110 gr. sugar 35 gr. flour 4 tsp peanut butter cocoa for decoration Preparation: Preheat oven on 200°C Put the butter and chocolate in a pot and melt them on medium heat. In a bowl ...
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REAL AIKIDO – Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

Any regular physical activity has with no doubt positive effects on our health by keeping us in a good shape and prevent several chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, depression, cancer, hypertension, etc.   Real Aikido is martial art of defense with an extremely flexible system of defensive techniques. Their  main characteristics are speed and timeliness of response, continuity of a technique and complete the final control of the attacker, using specific lever. The founder of Real Aikido is master Ljubomir ...
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Ginger Elixir – Hot Drink for Winter Days

Ginger origin is China where is used like food and medicine from old ages. For health and strength, it was used even from Konfuci. In India it's traditional in Ayurveda health treatment. It was used in Middle East and South Europe before Roman time. Spanish sailors brought it in Caribbean and Portuguese in Africa. Step by step, ginger spread all over the World … Ginger has active substances with analgesic, sedative and antibacterial properties. It is used as cure against throwing, ...
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Healthy Fruit Sticks for Mila’s Birthday Party

Got a houseful of children? What you should prepare for a birthday party? Make some attractive and irresistible healthy snacks like fruits sticks. It's fast, it's easy, it's simple but delicious and kids will enjoy! Ingredients: 20 big strawberries 1 big melon 40 blueberries 20 wooden sticks Preparation: Wash strawberries with water, but leave the leaves on them, dry them with soft paper. If they are to big, cut them in half Peel the melon, take the seeds away and cut it into pieces big as strawberry Wash blueberries ...
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Decorative Homemade Christmas Breakfast for Children!

Done by me for my child ! Surprise your children on Christmas morning or New Year’s with these decorative slices of breads. They are fun to make and tasty to eat. Very easy and delicious!   Ingredients: 1 pack of French butter bread (or any you like) 2 eggs 5 tbsp milk 5 tbsp water 1/3 tsp cinnamon grated zest of ½ lemon pinch of salt 1tsp butter 2 tbsp Maple syrup or honey 1 tbsp Ice sugar (avoid if you want) Preparation: With the molds in different forms cut the bread. Put the eggs in ...
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Why We Eat Sweets After Meal ?

It's happens to many people! Just when we finished lunch or dinner and we feel full, we get necessity for something sweet like piece of chocolate or cake. There a several reasons why it's happened and we will try to explained them. • If we eat meal high in carbohydrates like pasta or white bread, our blood sugar level will rise. Pancreas will produces insulin and after dinner, blood sugar level will drop suddenly. Our bodies will seek for sugar to ...
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