Maple syrup is our choice for this article of series healthier foods on World . The maple syrup can even be compared with honey and it has lower level of calories and higher level of minerals than honey. You can found it in stores and the use is easy, but the benefits are really big.

It is a product of 3 kinds of maple trees which grow in North America. It was used by the natives in the past, but the upcoming Europeans improved the production process. Quebec is largest producer of this healthy syrup. If the product wears the label “maple grade A”, according the US Department of Agricultural, it must be produced 100% by maple without any additions. Its taste is sweet….

Where the health benefits of maple syrup come from?

Strong antioxidant defense and energy production are provide by manganese in the maple syrup. It’s rich with this mineral and 1tea spoon of maple syrup provide 22% of daily needs this mineral. Our cells have a strong ally in the war against free radical-killer of our health.

Savior of your heart, maple syrup is rich with zinc and acting like antioxidant. It helps decrease the progression of atherosclerosis. Zinc makes stronger our damaged inside cells of blood vessels from LDL cholesterol.

Maple syrup with his two most important minerals, manganese and zinc, improve immune system. Work of some immune cells depend on these two minerals, so supplying them, immune system get better. There are many researches with children, where it was proofed that by supplying the manganese and zinc with maple syrup, immune cells respond well. It work anti-inflammatory and like immune-stimulant.

Fighter for men’s health. Maple syrup provides enough zinc to support defense against prostate cancer. The tissue of prostate has higher zinc contraction of all tissue in human body. Lack of zinc in prostate makes it more vulnerable. Manganese, on the other hand, helps production of sex hormones, so it supports reproductive health of men.

You can eat maple syrup many ways, even with nothing else, just 1 table spoon of it with water, but most traditional way of eating it is with pancakes. Here is one healthy recipe for blueberries pancakes with maple syrup.


          • 2 cups of flour (300 gr. self-raising)
          • 2 cups of milk (500ml)
          • 2 eggs
          • 40 gr. butter
          • ½ cup od blueberries
          • pinch of salt
          • 4 tsp. maple syrup


In a big bowl put the flour, salt, eggs and milk and mix until compact. Stir in the butter, cover with plastic wrap and put in refrigerate for about 30 min.
Put the blueberries in the batter and start to cook the pancakes on non-stick pan brushed with butter on medium heat for about 3 minutes on one side and 2 minutes on other until golden.
Place pancakes on serving plates and put the maple syrup on top of them. Eat until they are warm.