Good manners never go out of style, and we all enjoy meeting someone with neat, clean appearance, proper vocabulary, highly respectful person, with restrained emotions.

Therefore, the following 12 etiquette manners are a must if you would like to be a person with good manners as well, as they will improve your social life, and make you one of the favorite people in the company:

—    Do not talk or laugh loudly, and do not stare at people

—    Polite men equally respect all women.

—    Always thank people for helping you as a sign of appreciation.

—    Keep the following 9 things to yourself: age, religion, wealth, disgrace, affairs, honor, presents, medical, and family problems.

—    Remember that if you are the only one who follows the trend, the others consider it ridiculous, even though it is stylish and fashionable.

—    You should drive carefully and be careful of the pedestrians.

—    Greet all people in the room when entering, regardless of your age, status, or profession.

—    When not alone, do not make unnecessary phone calls, and answer only the most important calls.

—    Do not spend the night taking photos or texting when you are out with someone.

—    Ladies should not let men carry their bags, but they should take their coats to the cloakroom.

—    When the person in your company meets some people and greets them, you should also greet them, even though you do not know them.

—    Stay away from your phone when you are with other people, as they will think you are bored or uninterested in your conversation if you keep checking your phone.


You will feel the difference immediately after you start following these rules!